Monday, September 24, 2007

Putting you in the picture!

My last post about selling our house got a record amount of comments! Everyone was so surprised at how quickly we sold!

quote "After 7 Showdays...... we finally got a good offer............".
I need to clarify that 7 Showdays in South African terms, does not mean 7 days of the house being on the market. No siree-bob!
It means that we opened our house to the country on 7 Sunday afternoons from 12-5pm!
Between those 7 Sundays we had many other visitors!

Is that still quick in your part of the world?
Love Fifi


diane said...

LOL, yes, it's still very quick. I dont' think it's always been this slow here in the states, but I have friends who have had gorgeous houses on the market for an entire year.

I'm thrilled for you, though- that's awesome. The house was so nice too, I can see why it sold so fast.

Mom of 5 said...

Yep- 7 showings is still great !!

Marsha said...

That is still a pretty good timeframe! Not shocking, but still really good.

meNmykids said...

Quick enough for me. Wish ours would do that. Really glad for you and hope that you find the perfect "next house".

Big Red Driver said...

What I can't imagine is having to keep your house clean 7 Sundays in a row!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Did you have it for sale by owner? Sounds like a bit different than we usually do things in these parts.