Saturday, January 27, 2007


Well, I am trying this place out! I am still with Home School Blogger, but have felt a need to venture into a new blog world...... for me this is uncharted territory! Bear with me!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Our Classroom for 2007

Today I had some time to plan. Yes, call me spoilt, but I rejoiced when Nelly, my domestic helper, walked through my front door this morning! She has been away for 2 weeks,...... I coped, but I had NO free time for planning and organising my families life for the year ahead! I'm a bit of a list and routine girl, so planning suits me to the tee!!! I organised the school room, created the time table and covered all the necessary books and so! Yip, today was a productive one! I love these sort of days!

So I thought I would post pics of FUNSCHOOL CLASSROOM 2007!

Welcome to........................

I decided to introduce a white board into the classroom this year, as I think it will be great to use in maths and many fun activities!

As you enter the room, the two boys sit together on the left. They are well behaved and don't normally distract each other! Of course we do have the odd day when I want to phone the nearest school to beg them to take the kids, before I dismember one of them!!!!!! HaHa!

We are all VERY excited about school this year. The reason being, is that we are doing a wonderful Sonlight Science module about Electricity and Magnetism. This includes a study of the Solar System and working with a very fancy Microsope!

Above (to the left) you can see the Science Lab(!) with it's microscope! Yesterday the boy's caught a bee and stuck it under the lens! They squeeled with delight as they magnified various parts of it's body!

I remember using such a smart microscope, but I was in my late teens!

And of course....... here is the "Head Mistresses" ( what an ugly title!) desk....... My place of refuge from the maddening crowd!!!!!

Thank you for visiting...........I really enjoy having friends over at my little bloggashere!

In His love


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Family Fun at the Lion Park.

On New Years Day we took a short trip out to the Lion Park. The boys had been there before but for Tanna and I it was a first! Tanna kept saying "Look at kitty meouw, meouw!" When we arrived we were escorted into the lion cub enclosure, and were able to stroke and pet the 4 month old lion cubs.

Codey petting the lion cubs.

Isn't he just so cuddlely?!?!

Above......the cub started to get a little TOO friendly and snapped at Codey's shirt, and would not let go!

Above... Jamie was fascinated with giraffes l--o--n--g....... tongue! They are such graceful and gentle creatures!

Then we went for a game drive through the lion camps. The signs say "Do not exit the car, Do not feed animals!" Like I was going to!! But 2 years ago, a Japanese tourist decided to venture out of his car to get the perfect pic,...... and he got eaten! I kid you not! These kittys are are beautiful, but extremely dangerous!!!!

Above........ You can see I have my window half down. I was getting a little scared, as the lionesses where 2 meters( just over 2 yards) away from our car! and Hubby was eating a cake....... which I thought they might want to have!!!! I told the kids "I did not want to be lion poop today!"

Last, but definately not the least, we have the male LION in all his glory. I can see why Jesus was likened to such a royal and majestic creature! The Lion of Judah!

lotsaluv............Hope you enjoyed a taste of Africa!