Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A silly poem.

Why not go on over to our
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listen to CoolDudes poem he
wrote this morning.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Not a common sight ........!!!

Now now ....... don't think I'm ratting on MrGee ..... oh no! ...... he made me run and get the camera, 'cause he said this event may never happen again!!!

Yip, it's a family joke, that MrGee does not have a handyman's bone in his body. But look he's changing light bulbs ...... whew .... perhaps I'll be able to scratch that job off my list !

We love ya!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miss Tanzi's "Lelly" needs prayer ....

When we moved to Johannesburg in 1999, I was very nervous to take on domestic help, as I had had an awful experience with a previous helper who stole alot of my jewelry, clothes, CDs and even chickens out of our freezer.
I decided to write a list of the qualities I required in my new helper. I gave a copy to an African lady at our church, and told her that if she knew of anyone who fitted this description she was to send the lady over to me for an interview. Then I prayed.

Basically I was looking for a gentle, Christian lady who was reliable, trustworthy and good with small children. Also on the list was " to have a good attitude and to be friendly." Notice I mentioned nothing about being a good cleaner, cook, washer or ironer! I just wanted someone that would fit well into our family ........ and that is exactly what I got. Yes, we've had a couple of challenges but all in all Nelly has been a real blessing to us all!
She has become an integral part of our family and in Sept of this year she will have worked 10 years for us.
Dec 2006
Unfortunately Nelly, is extremely sick. She has severe tuberculosis and is on medication for the next 6 months. I sent her home 5 weeks ago to rest and regain her strength. I called her today, and she seems to be getting worse.

Please keep her in your prayers ...... she means a great deal to us. Miss Tanzi adores her "Lelly".


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Speedo Prestige Championships.

Both CoolDude and WizzKid competed in the Speedo Prestige Gala which was held at Kingspark in Durban.It was CoolDude's first proper swimming event ..... he rose to the challenge and swam beautifully. The gala hosted clubs from all over South Africa. He made first reserve(placed 11th) for the 50M Butterfly.

Below is CoolDude waiting to step up onto the block ...... looking a little anxious..... yes!

Below is WizzKid shunting it in the 50M Butterfly ..........

Below CoolDude is focused on his Backstroke pull ............

Below WizzKid exhausted ..................

Each of them competed in 9 events. WizzKid JUST missed a Level 3 time in his 200M Freestyle by 0.04 seconds! He did very well and took off quite a few seconds on each race!

OF COURSE now that WizzKid is almost 14, these swimming events hold even more excitement, as he gets to connect with like minded pretty gals!

Miss Tanzi is hugging Brittney ........... WizzKid's first major crush. They live 6 hours away from each other, but I am sure WizzKid will be logging into FaceBook alot more these days!

I love seeing my son grow up, it's a very special time.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Poisoned ... what was I thinking?

Oh My Greatness!!!
I have been in bed all weekend!
The last time I remember being this sick, was two weeks before my wedding!

On the Thursday I was feeling grim so I slept most of the day and went to bed early. I woke up the next day feeling slightly better ..... so I decided to spring clean the pantry and linen cupboards. By 3 that Friday afternoon I was feeling a whole lot worse so I climbed back into bed. Then I just went downhill from then.

By Saturday evening I had such a bad fever that I was almost at the point of being delusional. I kid you not! I had thoughts going through my mind that someone must have poisoned me! About an hour or so later I felt the fever break and my mind go into a sort of rewind/reverse mode.(make any sense?) I sweated like a piglet for the rest of the night ...... but I woke up this morning feeling a whole lot better. I've still got some body aches and a slight temperature .... but these are bearable compared to what I experienced yesterday!

Have a beautiful week!

MrGee was a star he cooked for the kids on Fri and Sat night, got them to tidy the house and he looked after me beautifully.( Thanks babes . x)