Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So diverse , it's scary !

I mentioned a while back that the culture and life in South Africa is very DIVERSE! Well, I thought I would give an example! Now you need to understand that most of the photos I have posted are not taken by me and there is a good reason why!

If I had to venture onto the streets of Johannesburg with a digital camera, I would be PROMPTLY relieved of it! In fact my life may even be at risk!

You may be thinking "Oh, Boy another drama queen!" No not at all........others have been killed for much less! Scary yes.........but we have learnt to adapt and be SO aware! So the pics ARE of the real places but just not taken by me!

Yes....as I was saying, I would like to show you the contrast of living conditions we have in our country!

About 3km away from my home, we have an exclusive Golfing Estate.

The average house costs 6-8 Million Rand and looks like this...............

Now, on the other side of this estate's massive walls, we have people living in a squatter camp .............

who have to endure terrible living conditions..........................

Unfortunately that is life here............extreme juxtaposition!

The situation is terribly sad.



Monday, October 30, 2006

Morning Out ...... ALONE!

It's Monday morning and Hubby and I are going out for the morning ........ ALONE!

We'll probably do breakfast and browse a couple of bookstores but the beauty of it is that we will be ......... ALONE! The last few weeks have been extremely hectic, and this past weekend I barely saw dear hubby! It's a rainy day but the kids are excited as they will be watching " Star wars: Revenge of the Sith".

So Adios

Have a great day!

love Fifi

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

7 weeks til Summer hols!

As we race down the straight to the finish......(in other words , as we attempt to complete all the allotted work for the year), I look back towards the start,and stand amazed at how the presence of God and the Holy Spirit has been with us!
We have had times when the 'Joy of the Lord' has overcome us, and we have all ended up laughing and laughing for NO particular reason! God knew why we needed it!
We have stood in agreement, and have seen prayer answered.
Attitudes( including mine!) have been challenged and the necessary adjustments have been made!
We have read touching and life changing stories....and have cried.
Our eyes have been opened to the beauty and excitement of the Old Testament.
It has been a great year!


PS.......It looks like Hubby will be able to retrieve most of my photos from the last 2 years!!!!!!!

Mind Mapping

At the beginning of this year I came across a book called Mind Maps for kids by Tony Buzan. Because Jamie was just starting out on the homeschooling path I decided to focus on other things and set this aside.

On Monday I gave him the book, and we went through the basics. I went to the National Geographic Kids magazine, found an artical on 'The Giant Squid", and told him to go to the outside chalk board and to PROCEED!

He spent an hour 'designing' his mind map......and when finished said, "Mom, can I do another one soon?" HE LOVED IT!~
Just as Lap Booking allows you to learn as you create...SO DOES Mind Mapping!
I tried Lap Booking with my boys and they were NOT too interested in all the colouring in and cutting out! BUT.... with mind mapping, they get to be creative without all that extra fuss!

Check it out!


How to Mind Map
An example of an Adult Mind Map

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Almost done!

6 weeks left till the school year ends, and we are looking GOOD!

We finished History last week...the kids were quite upset! They LOVE History!

Jamie has completed the Maths necessary for this year, but we are going over certain areas that could do with reinforcing.Codey has almost completed Maths for the year. They have both excelled in reading and Language Arts. Jamie(11) has read 63 Books and Codey(8) has read 27 books. I am SO proud of them!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the Sonlight Combined 1&2 Year World History.

For next year I'm STILL not decided on what to do! HELP!!!!! I am keen to do American History (year 3&4 combined) with Science 4(Electricity & Magnetism). Anyone used these? I would love to hear your advice!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Garden Reveal

Firstly.......A BIG thank you for my Birthday wishes from all over the world! Thanks Aunty Bev (from Australia), I got your email! Boyd sends his love!

Secondly..... those prayers for the tummy bug helped......I had a vomitless Birthday, so thank you....but the next day I got it bad! I'm better now.

Thirdly..... I thought it was time for another Garden Reveal! Yes.......with summer now upon us, I am having fun in the garden! The flowers are a blooming and the birds a tweeting.... I love this time of year!

So here we go!

This is what the lead up to the front door looked like in March 2006........

This is what it looks like now.................

The roses to the right are full of buds. The wooden trellises break the heavy concrete look!

Below...... was what you saw as you drove through the front gates......

This is a much better reception.....AGREED?

What would this posting be without a pic of my little girl smelling the flowers!

Hope you enjoyed the summer feel.....as I know most of my readers are in Winter! This is just a teaser for you guys!!!!! TeeHee!



Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Aroma of your family.

I have this small but important reminder stuck up on the wall near my desk. I cannot take credit for it,....... I read it on the internet a few months ago and felt that my family's aroma could always increase in beauty and strength!

The AROMA of a Beautiful Family