Saturday, August 28, 2010

Miss Tanzi's first ballet concert ....

Unfortunately we couldn't take pics of the concert ..... so here she is just before we headed off to the big event!

As I uploaded this pic i was reminded of a funny poem I wrote about Miss Tanzi .... 4 years ago!

Ode to Miss Tanzi - ( to be sung to 'My Favourite Things' from The sound of Music.)

Reading and drawing and loving her baby
eating the food off our plates drives us crazy!
Climbing the windows when nobody sees!
These are a few of her favourite needs!”

Dancing and singing and sitting on kitty
Ballet toes pointing and hair that looks pretty!
wrecking the boys room and causing a fuss
oh what a handful is all this chaos!

Hair clips and perfume and Teddy called Boon Boon
Gazing at stars, moon and popping bright balloons!
Bathing and rubbing soap into her eyes
Oh! What a blessing she’s brought to our lives!

She has asked me to call her 'God's Girl' ........ and I definitely will ..... but she will always be my 'bestest girl' ever!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who would have thought .......

The student advisers at the British International Distance College(Cambidge) said WizzKid would manage well with their Grade 10 and 11 Curriculum, (even though he was only in Grade 9). So 6 weeks ago WizzKid signed up for Science,Biology and English.

The beauty of this system is that they work 90% on their own.... when they are stuck and do not understand something they are encouraged to find out the answer for themselves. Google and reference books being the preferred mediums. Students are able to contact a tutor, but we have found it takes way too long for a response from them!

He was finding the work fine until today. After a morning of frustration WizzKid came to me with the news that he could not find a solution for a chemistry problem. My first response was "Let's have tea." Which we did.

After we were sufficiently replenished, I read his manual on 'Ionic Binding' and then ...... *choke,choke* ..... proceeded to explain to him what ionic binding was! Even more shock ....... HE TOTALLY GOT IT!!
So yes ...... who would have thought that a marmie who did science 20 odd years ago(and not so well) would be able to teach her son today! *whoop,whoop*

Friday, August 13, 2010

Gift for Grandpa

It's Grandpa Booms 70Th Birthday in a few days and Miss Tanzi wanted to make something special for him. Grandpa is an avid dog lover so when Miss Tanzi saw a blank porcelain puppy at the craft shop she knew immediately he would be the perfect gift!

Miss Tanzi was ever so careful not to smudge or spoil him and it was her idea to put a collar around his neck. She named him "Sparky."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trouble on the playground ......;)

As I pulled out of the school parking lot today I noticed that Miss Tanzi's head hung low and she looked rather subdued.

"How was your day girlie?" I asked.
"Not good," came her answer.
"Why, what happened?"
"Amy and Abby(not there real names) were mean to me, they wouldn't let me play with them!"

I rested my hand on her knee and sympathised with her. After a short pause she concluded ......

"You know what mom?...... I think they were born on a different side of God!" *bwahaha*o

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I loved making this .......

I have known Ali for twenty years! She is one of my closest and dearest friends. Ali has just finished renovating her kitchen and I noticed she had incorporated a Southern American theme so I thought a hot chillie tray would be the perfect birthday gift.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Second Duet....snippets.

My perfect day!

We all woke up early ... bright eyed and bushy tailed! By 7:20 am breakfast had been devoured and the boys started their half an hour of gym. I packed Miss Tanzi a snack and dropped her off at preschool.
By the time I got home the boys had already started their quiet time/devotions and I was able to enjoy a peaceful cuppa Earl Grey Tea.
At 8:30 formal schooling began and it continued til 3:00. During this time I picked Miss Tanzi up from school at 12:00 and brought her home for lunch.
We all worked hard and and extremely well!

CoolDude did English, Science, Afrikaans and a shack load of maths!
WizzKid worked through some Biology,Physics, Chemistry and English. He is doing Grade 10 and it is complicated! My latest teaching advice for him is ........ "Just google it!" (I thank the Lord daily for the Internet. ;) )

At 3:00pm WizzKid and I did a few errands. We visited the post office, got photos reproduced for his swimming buddies and we bought a huge birthday cake for the swimming club. Then the boys were dropped off at swimming at 4:00 and I came home to make dinner.Whilst making sweet and sour chicken with noodles I watered half the garden(it's so dry here), bathed Miss Tanzi and sent off some important emails.... oh yes and I checked facebook.(of course!)

At 6:45 I picked up the boys from swimming. They ate at 7:15 and then enjoyed an hour of jamming on their guitars. Miss Tanzi played housy-house as they practised.

It is now 10:00pm(MrGee is away) and I am enjoying the peace in the house and the clicky-clack my fingers are making on the notebook!
A day done and dusted ........ productive and pleasing!