Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's happening in our corner.

CoolDude and WizzKid have decided to up their training routine....... they want to work on their 6 packs and look more buff so they have joined MrGee in the gym...

Miss Tanzi had her school's fun day....... she won the two races she ran in. Oh yes, I can see a competitive streak in her! (below ..she is 4th from the front.)
For the last two weeks Cooldude has enjoyed cooking classes with me. Once a week we have cooked up a storm for 2-3 hours on a Monday afternoon. He has learnt how to make a chicken marinade, a sweetcorn soufle, basic cookies , bread ............... yummy ..................
and crumbed chicken breasts..... To crumb the chicken Cooldude used fresh parsley....... and a load of grated Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs.

Cooldude is fast becoming a lover of good food. I do believe he will make an excellent master chef.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miss Tanzi's bunny.

Stella has life sorted .......

...... she's living the couch potato's dream!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To forgive is to truely live.

Seen as though I 'invited' you into our personal life by telling y'all about some issues Mrgee and I were having in our relationship I do feel the need to give you an update. And it's a positive one!
Things are a LOT better! A month ago we shared a very honest moment together ..... we sincerely forgave one other..... and it was as if the slate was wiped clean. We both embraced, wept and asked for forgiveness. It was real and I will never forget that very special day.
'Forgiveness frees you from bondage and lies. Forgiveness truely transforms lives!' ... fifi

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Been at the bottle?

Mrgee has always had a very fair skin tone .... apparently it's due to Norwegian blood on his father's side. This past summer we were outdoors(boating,surfing,beaching) a lot more than usual, so WizzKid, MrGee and myself hit the bottle of fake tan. Yes it's true .... brown fat looks a whole lot better than white fat!

A couple of months later cooler temperatures snapped us out of the bronzing frenzy and we quickly returned to our milky white hues. Then a couple of weeks ago I asked MrGee if he had secretly been at the bottle again??? He assured me he was 'clean' but I remained suspicious as he looked so much browner!
Then a couple of days later he returned home from the hospital with news that the level of haemoglobin(iron) in his blood had increased dramatically. This was wonderful news!! The iron injections MrGee had been getting every second day had worked .... this would mean that he would not need the blood tranfusion that doctors had warned us about! .... *light bulb moment* .... I googled and yip it was true .... the extra heamoglobin in MrGee's blood was not only saving him from having a blood transfusion, but it was also giving him a radiant tan!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great books make learning fun.

Cooldude and I are finally getting stuck into this years homeschooling curriculum and yes ..... we have a whole lot of catching up to do if we want to finish the current syllabus by the end of this year. Of course we returned to Sonlight as we just LOVE their choice of books! Here are three of the books we are presently devouring!
For devotions we are using The International Childrens Bible Field Guide.
This year I have decided to give history a break and to do an exciting year of Science and Bio. We haven't focussed too much on Science before so this year we will be getting our fill with Core 5( Health Medicine and Human Anatomy) and Core 6( Geology Physics and Origins).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tribute to my beautiful Tiggy.

Last week I took our beautiful kitty to the vet knowing that he would not make it home again. It was terribly traumatic for Miss Tanzi who sobbed as she gave Tiggy her last hug. I promised to ask the vet to make Tiggy better, but I also told her that Tiggy was very sick and he may feel better if he was in Heaven with Jesus.(Theology aside!)
Tigz was half Maine Coon and had a glorious coat and tail! He was extremely mischievous as can be seen below ..... everytime Miss Tanzi swung by he would swipe out at her head!
For a month Tigz had been battling with skin issues. I took him to the vet twice and both times he was administered a cortizone injection which never seemed to work. He was given anti-biotics and we changed his diet. Still he got thinner and weaker. Eventually all he could somach was a little milk.
After blood tests the vet confirmed that he had Feline Leukemia. He must have caught it from the ginger cat that kept coming into our house and attacking him! Awww man he was my baby....
As much as I didn't want to say good bye to Tiggy I knew I had to. The vet asked if I wanted to hold Tiggy when they put him to sleep...... and I just couldn't. I said goodbye, climbed in the car and howled like a baby. Then I pulled myself together and went home.
Just as every teacher must have a favourite, Tiggy was my 'pet' and I will always remember the way he woke me up in the morning with his kitty talk.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Homeschooling my Dude again!

After a term and a half at Highbury Preparatory, CoolDude is returning to Gibbons Funschool!
Why you ask? ........ Well, firstly I need to be honest and tell you that I never wanted the boys back in the school sector at all. MrGee and I had been going through a hectic time in our marriage, and after my 40th birthday fiasco, I packed bags and Miss Tanzi and I left for 5 days. During that time MrGee booked the boys back into private schools. Deposits were paid, and I really had no say. The boys were never against going to a new school ... they saw it as a new adventure.
With that said, CoolDude entered Highbury excited and ready to embrace his new school and a new group of friends. The first term seemed to work out beautifully. His marks were very good, he had made a couple of friends and I never heard anything negative from the staff or CoolDude.(Besides the fact that CoolDude said the boys swore terribly and that they had called him a pathetic goalie.)

We entered the second term and within 10 days the wheels fell off! CoolDude was not himself. The interesting thing was that he did not want to disclose what was happening to him (he skirted around the issue) ..... and I believe this was because he felt he would be victimised even more if he told on! We honestly had to draw the information out of him bit - by little bit.

When it all came out we heard stories of how the boys had said (when referring to something ugly)... "That is as ugly as CoolDude's face!" Another thing they called him was a 'retard'. HEY MOM'S what would you do .... leave your kid in that environment?
Another thing CoolDude was gobsmacked with, was that the boys spoke disgustingly about girls. Cooldude has a healthy respect for girls and thinks they are pretty and cool in the most innocent of ways. Unfortunately some of the boys in his class spoke intimately about girls and what they had seen or done with girls. (They are 11 for goodness sakes!!) They even told him they would show him the site to watch porn on. HEY MOM'S what would you do .... leave your kid in this environment?

I COULDN'T ....... so he is back learning at home. And he is sooo HAPPY!