Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My girlie was sick,sick,sick.

In less than 24 hours Miss Tanzi went from being a jubilant soul .............
............ to a sickly gal who needed to be admitted into hospital !
When I picked Miss Tanzi up from school ,after her Easter Bonnet Parade, I knew I had a sick little girl on my hands. She had just vomited in the playground and was now lying on the classroom floor when I arrived to pick her up!
After a valoid suppository and some ponstan (for a fever) she fell asleep in MrGee's air conditioned study. She slept til 9 pm, and then the runs to the toilet began. Every 20 mins her and I did the loo sprint!
In the morning I dosed her again and off we went on holiday.(I didn't realise how sick she was!) After an hour she needed to poopie ... so we nervously stopped at the side of the road. I was shocked ...... she had alot of blood in her stool! I knew we had to get her medical attention quickly, so we raced to the nearest hospital.
They admitted her immediately because she was so dehydrated...... and they gave her numerous IV's, and antibiotics.
After a full 24 hours of serious monitoring, Miss Tanzi was released.
Boy, was that a frightening!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Bonnet Parade

Oh yes .... I remember having a few of these parades at primary school ..... oh how I loved showing off my creation!
The specs were that you had to use a paper plate, and that you were not encouraged to spend a lot of money on it! Because I'm a crafty person I had all the necessary goodies at home, so it didn't cost me an extra cent!
We used 4 paper plates,scrapping paper,tissue paper,buttons and ribbons. The whole project took about 90 minutes. Miss Tanzi did everything except the opening of the paper flowers and the stapling of them onto the bonnet.
Isn't it pretty?
Don't you just love TanziPanzi's funky-munky socks?!
(now that's a mouthful!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Success at last!!!

We have just spent four L-O-N-G days at a Level 2 Swimming event. Both Cooldude and WizzKid qualified for this gala, but this weekend it was WizzKid's time to shine ....................

In the 14 year age group he won GOLD for 400 Free,200 Free,100 Free,200 Back,100 Back,50 Back, SILVER for the 50 Free and BRONZE for 50 Fly !
He loves swimming and after 5 years of commitment to this sport WizzKid is finally raking in the rewards.
Passion + Good work Ethic = Success!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life's lessons can be harsh ....

CoolDude tried out for the soccer team today. Oh my word!!!
I knew the outcome before he even tried but I didn't want to crush his enthusiasm by saying something negative. He was so excited!

You see ...... CoolDude has never played in a soccer team before. In fact he never even kicks the ball around at home.
Now ........ he was about to try out for the position of goalie at a VERY competitive school, consisting of some VERY good soccer players!

As CoolDude hopped into the car afterwards, he stated .... " I SUCK AT SOCCER!" I replied "YES YOU DO MY SON!" We both had a good laugh and then we had the 'how-we-can't-be-good-at-everything' talk. My heart felt terribly sore as he told me how a Grade 7 boy had shouted at him that he was a terrible goalie. Life's lessons can be harsh(especially when you are eleven), but I was SO proud of how CoolDude handled the situation with understanding and maturity. You rock my precious boy!! ;)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our first MudMan.

The Mudman event consists of a swim,cycle, and run. This one was held at Albert Falls, Kwazulu Natal. It was tough but all three kiddios loved it! CoolDude and WizzKid swam 375m(easy!),cycled 10km and ran 2,5km(hard!)....... Both did very well.
Above.... CoolDude in the red shorts in the middle of pic.(he came 19th out of the 58 in his age group)
Above ....WizzKid racing to the finish!(he came 4th in the 14-16 yrs)
Above.... Cooldude in red on the left, sprinting as fast as his legs can go!
Above: No flies on Miss Tanzi.... she ran like a pro. On the home straight all the under 6's(bar one) ran past, looked for their parents, gave them a wave and toddled on by. Not our Miss Tanzi!!! She was SO focused and serious about the race that she put her head down, pumped those arms faster and bolted for the finish line. We didn't get a wave... not even a glance! hehe
Above...... The reward .... her first medal!
LOOK ...... she did the entire race with shoes on the wrong feet! Isn't that hilarious?
MrGee was not with us but hopefully we can all be together at the next event in early April.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Look what the head nurse did.

MrGee has every right not to look impressed ..........
This is the result after the nurse put the dialysis needle into a vein and, negligently, out through the other side of that same vein! Initially this botch-up gave MrGee a huge lump on his forearm near his fistula. A few days later .... the lump reduced in size but the underneath of his arm bruised up badly.(Thankfully it wasn't too painful though.)
The Doc was furious with the nurse and threatened to report her!