Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tanzi, Tape and Tinky boys!

I phoned a friend in desperation this week.........


Her answer ......."I have just the tape for you". She gave it to me at church today.

This seems to be quite a relevant question, and a common challenge to overcome.....

Well , tomorrow, I will find out what to do when I hear the experts advice.

Tanna-Jayde just wants to be 'in on the action!' I set up her own little table and chair for her.....stuck flash cards on the wall around her corner, gave her some jumbo crayons, sticky taped paper to the table (as she kept on tearing the pieces up) and placed a few of her books on the table. ................. She proceeded to draw all over the table and the books! And then THROW the crayons at Codey, who was trying not to pay her any attention (instructions from Mom) and finish his reading of 'Little Bear and Emily'.

When we have devotions, she is in her element! She sings, dances and lifts her hands in worship. But when Bible story begins...... she tries to out do me in volumne!!!!! As she gets louder..... I get she gets even louder...until I feel like I am screaming The Word at the 2 older boys!!! It's exhausting.

She's overwhelmingly bright.... it is frightening. At 16 months she is speaking beautifully. I sit her down on her chair and I point with a ruler to her flash cards that are pasted on the wall. And she says ' spider, bucket, flower, book, cake, phone, car, kite'.

The other day I was joking with the boys and I was saying "Please go have a bath, you are stinky boys!"...... she cottoned onto the phrase and now says" Hayo tinky boys'.( Hello stinky boys)

I do have hope........ in fact often I find it all quite amusing. But the responsibility of educating the older boys concerns me........... thus ....the necessity of the tape!!!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Boys MUST be boys!

I have two boys.....

Two really handsome boys who are incredibly clever, wise and mature. You might be thinking "YEH MAMMA.... Stop blowing your childrens horn!

Well I ask you....who else will !!!!!

I am reading this fanastic book by Steve Biddulph called "RAISING BOYS", and I realise that Boys have an incredible need to be affirmed and recognised! { we all do, but particularly boys)

Unfortunately there has been such an assault on men and their maleness that even our boys are feeling the brunt of it! Their self image needs a GOOD BOOST!

I read this in "Raising Boys":......

"The Media continually portrays males as rapists, murderers, or inadequate fools. So a boy may feel quite bad about himself as a masculine being. Mothers can do a lot to overcome this. I've heard beautiful comments from mothers to their sons : telling them from the age of about ten and upwards, 'Boy, you're a good looking hunk!!' when they try on their new clothes; ...... or ' The girl who marries you is going to be SO lucky, when they do a good job around the house; ........and 'I really enjoy your company', ......'You're interesting to talk to', and .....' You have a really great sense of humour'.

I want my boys to be strong....yet gentle.... courageous....yet merciful.

They need good self images.... and Mothers can do alot to help their dear sons!!!

It is such an awesome thing to raise boys!

Males have been designed by God to be pioneers that forge ahead...... to have 'hair brained schemes' that sometimes never come to anything!....And yet sometimes do!!

A male, man or boy..... needs to be part of 'a cause worth fighting for'.

Humbled, I am again.... this is a task I cannot achieve without Christ. I will rely on Him a whole lot more!


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Friends in the USA.

This year we will be studying American History through the Sonlight curriculum. We are all SO excited and cannot wait to begin this coming Monday! I am wanting to find a couple of friends in each state that will let me know a few interesting facts about their state and some great sight seeing places. This is a two fold exercise............ firstly to learn about a different continent and secoundly to prepare for a trip we are planning to the USA in 2008! I might even get to meet a few of my blogger friends! SO.... tell me why I should visit your part of the USA, and I might even drop in!!!!!!!!!

Love Fiffi

Sunday, January 8, 2006

New horizons in the hands of God

We have just returned home from a fantastic holiday in Durban, Natal. We spent Christmas and New year with family.

It was humid and hot , but the sea was refreshingly cool.

My 1 year old daughter is besotted with monkeys. Where we stayed, the monkeys would visit every morning for breakfast! They took apples and carrots out of hands and even tried to scrummage through the kitchen.

My 2 older boys flew kites, ate, bogey boarded, ate, played play station, ate, visited couzins and grandparents, ate and ATE some more!!! They must be about to grow a whole lot!

I don't have photos....SORRY!.... I left my digital camera at home. But my Mumsee lent me her 'normal' camera. These photos of family will mean alot to me as we are probably immigrating to New Zealand early this year!

My Hubby has been offered a job in Auckland and with the situation in South Africa as it is.... we feel our children would have a lot more opportunities in NZ. Don't get me wrong.... South Africa is beautiful! When I do my 'Shout Out' for other people to visit my homeschool site, this is how I describe S.Africa........

"Come visit me under the beautiful, sunny skies of Africa, where the Lion are Fierce, the Giraffe are Graceful and the Taxis are FEARLESS!"

The city we stay in - Johannesburg - is vibrant and fast. Most people have very good work ethics, and live by the slogan " Work hard, Play hard".

This is our home, our incredibly beautiful land!.........But we are planning to leave.

Why? You may ask. Well, unfortunately there are very few job opportunities for white males, and having two sons , this obviously concerns us! Crime, rape and murder is a huge problem and is NOT getting any better.

Boyd and I have prayed, and believe that if we are not meant to leave then doors will close and the process of immigration will be stopped! But if God has other plans then he is welcome to (as the song goes) "Swing wide those heavenly gates". Either way we will make the best of what ever happens!

Well, I must go and order the Sonlight Curriculum for this year, as we start in two weeks!

Will be writing soon