Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pure torture!

MrGee is keeping the boys fit for the next season of swimming.

This morning they could barely lift themselves out of bed.... their stomach and chest muscles were 'ouch' !


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day ......

In the 14 years that MrGee and I have been married, we have never had Christmas lunch at our house. You see, most years we travel either to Bloemfontein or Durban for Christmas. MrGee's parents live in Bloem, and mine were in Durban(now Howick). This year we decided it was payback time, and we wanted to host Christmas day. I think the day was enjoyed by all!

The completed Jesse Tree ........

The food was wmah!! We had Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Gammon. Each family brought their speciality! Below is my cousin's hubby,Mike, who is a chef of note ...... he made the Gammon..... it was DEVINE! I said I was not a lover of gammon but...... by the end of the day I was exactly that!

Below is my cousin ,Lisa, and her miracle baby Joshua!

Lisa's brother,Chris, and his wife Bronwyn spoilt us rotten with gifts. She is my very talented hair stylist.

This is their beautiful daughter Taurence.

Chris with his handsome ( and very active) nephew ... Joshua.

I LOVE this one... My Mom and Aunty Lynn giving the Queens wave! hehe

Below we have the heavies! (oldies) from left.... Aunty Lynn, Uncle Terry, my Mom and Dad.

Below you can see Lisa whipping Michael's boom boom!!

Playing soccer........

We had GREAT family fellowship ..... Hope you did too!!
Merry Christmas to all my friends!!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Our first Christmas pics.....

.... and they are looking good!

Perhaps not this one.......... BUT I love the attitude!

My eldest was not available at the time of photo taking. Funny how that is happening more and more these days!
Have a blessed Christmas!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It was a beautiful day!

The weather in Hillcrest,South Africa, has been awful lately. For about 3 months the rain has drizzled and the mist has ... well ...... misted! Most mornings I fling open the curtains hoping to be able to sing U2's awesome song ' It's a beautiful day ......!"
I am delighted to say that yesterday the mist and drizzle vamoosed and the kidlets were able to go ape in the pool !! We all got a good dose of Vitamin D!

For dinner I made a platter of fruit..... the perfect meal on a hot humid day! Okay so the kidlets needed a little convincing that this was dinner..... but they were very adventurous and sampled a couple of fruits that they had never tasted before!!
"It was a beautiful day, and we didn't let it get away."


Monday, December 15, 2008


Living in a small town, or as MrGee and I love to call it.... "the village", has it's pros and cons! At the moment I am definitely able to see more pros than MrGee. In fact I'm not too sure he sees any pros at all .... except perhaps the fact that his family is out of Johannesburg.(The crime capital of Africa and perhaps the world!!!)
When we moved to Hillcrest in Dec 2007 I was very excited to move back to the province of my birth and upbringing. We had lived in Johannesburg for 9 years and were keen to get the kids out of the big city environment and to reconnect with family. Our goal was,(and still is)to emigrate, although I have learnt from the past that ......... we plan, but God ultimately orchestrates!
SO....... we are here for now! How long 'the now ' is I do not know. MrGee is flying every week to Johannesburg and back. Of course this is not ideal. Miss Tanzi cries for her Dad some nights! The boys don't get to see MrGee for almost half the week, and I find myself taking the role as mother AND father!! And when MrGee comes home I have to relinquish the role of being father. This can be difficult!
Mmmm.............. I have always believed that we(as a family) are back in Hillcrest for a reason. My prayer is that God reveals to us His plan for us HERE . Then at least we will have something to hold on to when things get tough!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Jesse Tree

We had to catch up on the daily Bible readings and hanging of the ornaments, BUT ....... at least the Jesse Tree is up to date..... and I will endeavour to keep it that way! I am reading out of The Message. Even though the lingo is easy to understand, the Bible readings are quite long. Today Miss Tanzi proclaimed " This is boring!" She's only 4 so I will overlook her comment! hehe

This Christmas is going to be a memorable one! Never before have I 'hosted' Christmas! So at the tender age of 29... I mean 39 ..... I am looking forward to having alot of my family over for a delicious feast and some great fellowship!

Normally I would have made fun of my Northern Hemisphere friends who are enduring Christmas in the snow with icy temperatures while we enjoy glorious days of basking in the sun! I will not be doing this year as we are experiencing a cold and VERY rainy Christmas period. Mist and drizzle have become my daily friends!!