Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tanzalina- Ballerina .......

Life Skills .....

This has become a common sight at our house ...... a load of boxes sitting at our front door ..... ready for dispatch.

My entrepreneurial sons have set up a business on Bid-or-Buy (the South African equivalent of ebay.) They are doing SOOOOO well and making some good moola. In this country of ours, we NEED to teach our kids to be leaders in business and to be their own boss!
Keep at it boys , you are learning some great life skills!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not a good report ......

MrGee got some bad news about his kidneys last week. They have shrunk by 2 cm. This is not a good report. He has been put onto the waiting list for a kidney transplant and the hospital has booked him in for a talk on what is about to unfold. As you may know MrGee found out in March 2007 that he was in renal failure. It came as a shock and since then he has had to watch his diet, bring his cholesterol down, go onto blood pressure pills and up his cardio to prevent heart disease.

Please pray when you feel to .....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

CoolDude turns ELEVEN !!!

CoolDude was DESPERATE for a bearded dragon for his birthday. Of course I was not that keen 'cause I don't shack-up well with reptiles or rodents. He was adamant that a bearded dragon would be the present of his dreams until .......... he stayed over at Thomas' house one night.

Thomas has two of these creatures. CoolDude came home the next day with his mind made up . He definitely DID NOT want a bearded dragon for his birthday present. " Mom Thomas' room stinks, and the whole night they kept scratching on the glass. I couldn't sleep at all!"

So the wise boy settled for a more sensible gift .... a 'super-dooper-graphics-card-thingy' which in the words of CoolDude, "Makes every other graphics card look pitifully sad!"

Cooldudes loves......
  • to cook and bake
  • red .... because Ferrari's are red!
  • his sister dearly ... and is VERY protective over her
  • music .... the loud and fast genre
  • friends .... he is very social
  • to make us laugh .... particularly when he does his funny leprechaun dance!
  • expensive and smart cars ... he is the car guru!
  • strategy computer games
  • his six pack ..... and is very proud of it! hehe
  • competitive swimming
  • action movies .... Will Smith is his favourite actor.
We love you CoolDude ..... you are a very special boy !

!!Happy B-Day!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our 'Princess of Wonderland' is FIVE... yikes!

Still feeling traumatized from Miss Tanzi's fourth Birthday party(it bucketed down) , I decided to down scale this years celebration and to have her party at school, during school time. Nevertheless it was still a very special time where she was acknowledged and honoured by her peers. I could see she enjoyed being Queen amidst her subjects!!

They sang a few songs, did a beautiful worship dance to Jesus, and they played a round of musical chairs ...........
Then they did the cake ........ of course it was a princess castle .... just what Miss Tanzi had asked for. She kept her eye on Conner most of the time!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wahoooo ... It arrived !

I honestly squealed with delight when I saw this pink envelope sitting on the kitchen counter. I knew immediately what it was , and that it was for ME! The envelope was decorated with pretty stickers so I opened it carefully not to ruin it's look. What encouraging words written by a very special friend.

Just three months short of my 40th and I eventually get my first pen pal!
Thank you Jerelene ... I look forward to writing back and I'm excited about getting to know you better.

( I have a pen-pal, I have a pen-pal.)