Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Never 2 peas in a pod.

This year all three kids have started taking part in a triathlon event called the MudMan Series. The event consists of a 375m swim in a dam, a 10 km cycle and a 5 km run .... with no stops in between! Both our boys are good swimmers so they come out of the water very early, but they tend to fall behind in the cycle and the run. CoolDude, being sanguine in personality, is not to perturbed about his position .... he is just happy to finish and thereafter enjoy a cold coke and a Steers burger! Where as WizzKid, the choleric, is a lot more reflective on his result and will seek advise on how to move up in the rankings. It is SO wonderful to have boys with completely different personalities ........


Monday, April 26, 2010

Candice is a match!

MrGee and I are overwhelmed! All that needs to happen now is for the government to okay the kidney transplant. This should take between 4 weeks and 2 months. Once it has been okayed, MrGee can book his date for the transplant. It all seems so surreal! Thank you Lord!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The anonymous donor has a name .....

....... and it is Candice. This brave lady came forward believing she must be obedient to God and offer her kidney to Mrgee. We are so grateful for her courage.
As I write this Candace is in hospital having the set of extensive tests required to determine whether she is a match/compatible for donating her kidney. So far the results are looking good. I can sense MrGee is trying not to get too excited till he hears the final result tomorrow arvi!

Monday, April 19, 2010

He was a little apprehensive.

CoolDude played his first soccer match .......

(slap bang in the middle of pic)

I could sense he was anxious but never-the-less CoolDude walked bravely onto the field. He connected with the ball a lot...... sometimes it was good and sometimes it was not so good !!! And although they lost the game, I was so proud of the way Cooldude handled the situation and conquered his fear!

CoolDude forget soccer ....... you are an AWESOME swimmer..... don't you forget that my precious son!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yes , I approached........

following on from my last post ....... I told MrGee that I didn't want a divorce but that I felt a 3 month separation would be a much better idea. Initially he was wildy against the seperation, but a day later he agreed! So as soon as Mrgee can find a home to rent we will embark on a three month 'growth' and 'courting period'. This time will allow us to work on our issues. We will be attending counselling once a week and having at least one date a week.
Already I can feel such a softening from Boyd and a new tenderness between us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Take heart, take Courage!

So much is happening in my life at the moment! It is quite overwhelming.
Bottom line ..... my 15 and half year old marriage is in ruins.
I don't generally share such intimate details on this 'Blog of Happy Memories', but I tell you this knowing that I am stepping into my 'Esther Moment'. A moment that was prophesied over me, 18 years ago.
It is all about choice, and I have chosen to approach (as Esther did) rather than refuse and walk away! Last week I saw divorce lawyers because I wanted a divorce. This week I seek reconciliation as I realise I have come to a critical moment in the fulfillment of my destiny. It's going to take a lot of courage. As Beth Moore says .... " You may be one brave decision away from the most important turning point in your life."

Monday, April 5, 2010

"Here kitty kitty ........."

We spent a beautiful morning at the Tenikwe Wildlife Awareness Centre in Knysna. It was amazing to see, and get so close to, the wild cats.We got very close to the African Wild cat, Serval, Caracal, Cheetah and Leopard. Below is the Cheetah

And above, my favourite big cat ..... The leopard.(pic taken by WizzKid)

Knysna ..... our new favourite holiday destination!

The view from our apartment on Thesen Island, Knysna. The boys are trying their luck at fishing.
CoolDude and Miss Tanzi perfectly positioned between the two Knysna Heads.
The view from the top of one of the Heads ...... isn't Knysna beautiful!
I honestly do not know why we have not holiday-ed here before!! It is the most beautiful place with loads to see and do.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

We LOVE squash .....

I beat WizzKid ..................
I beat CoolDude ..............
WizzKid beat me ..........
I was totally boogered ......
.......... but I had such a great time with my boys.We screamed,laughed and competed vehemently!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chill-laxing .......

....... yes, we are all in Knysna chilling out and relaxing! Life gets so busy that family holidays like these are essential!
MrGee and I are thawing out beautifully. We are feeling less like passing ships in the night and a whole lot closer! I know when Mr Gee is feeling 'chill-laxed' ..... he becomes Mr-Funny-Man and enjoys cracking jokes and teasing us all!(I love this side of ya MrGee!)
Of course, any occasion I get to dress up and go out for dinner with my man is a 'chill-laxing' moment!