Thursday, September 27, 2007

Momma's a hit!

If I start to reminisce about my childhood, the happy moments come to mind. I can't say I remember alot, but there are some! Hubby on the other hand remembers having loads of fun, alot of the time. His Mom has always been so lively, energetic and a great tease!! She has the knack of making a mundane task into an exciting adventure! Hubby has that same gift but I have to work very hard at having fun. It does not come easily to me!

One of my favourites is to have dinner under the table! I usually spring it on them, and plan it when Hubby is away! I wander why? teehee...... On Tuesday night, when Hubby was out of town, we had a picnic on the lounge floor and watched the old movie... "Look who's talking". My kids were over the moon!

I want my kids to remember having oooooodles of fun with their Momma!

PS......... I did clean the carpet before we settled beneath the dining table!!!!!!! Give this a try, your kids will be shocked that you even suggested such a thing!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wanna visit me?

I love change! yeah....... I do! We have moved houses 7 times in 9 years! But this next move, makes me extremely happy! After 9 years I am moving back to the province(state) of my birth..... Natal.

We have just spent the last four days looking for a house in the beautiful treed suburb of Natal called Hillcrest. And we found a beautiful Manor house that would accommodate our family beautifully!
We have made an offer, and hope for he best!
I wanted to show you where we stayed, and the spectacular view we had. On a clear day, you can see the sea!

Above is a pic of the B&B we stayed in while we house hunted.
The house we have bought, has a wonderful guest suite, sooooo......... blogger friends you are welcome to visit with us!

hugs Fifi


Who says school ain't fun!

My boys love building with their set of Planx. On this particular day, they were competing to make the tallest structure!

Below,WizzKid at work. Quote... "Here we have a restaurant, with an wireless internet cafe right at the top for great reception."

The best part of this exercise is getting to bash it down at the end!

Hugs Fifi


Monday, September 24, 2007

Putting you in the picture!

My last post about selling our house got a record amount of comments! Everyone was so surprised at how quickly we sold!

quote "After 7 Showdays...... we finally got a good offer............".
I need to clarify that 7 Showdays in South African terms, does not mean 7 days of the house being on the market. No siree-bob!
It means that we opened our house to the country on 7 Sunday afternoons from 12-5pm!
Between those 7 Sundays we had many other visitors!

Is that still quick in your part of the world?
Love Fifi

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yip ,we did it, we have sold our house....... at last! After 7 Show Days and a hoard load of people traipsing through our home on a regular bases, we got a good offer and happily signed on the dotted line!
Tomorrow we travel down to Natal, Durban, to look for a new home! Yahoooooo. Do you get the feeling I'm excited blogger girlfriends?!?
Well I'm off to visit you all...... I've been a tad slack in this area....... Sorreeee!
Love Fifi


Sunday, September 16, 2007


It feels so good to be needed and appreciated! Last night presented such a moment!


This past week Hubby has been setting up a small gym at home. He bought me a treadmill, and himself a stationary bike. Add a set of weights and a bench........ picture completed.
Well almost.............. Hubby decided we needed a TV to entertain us as we pounded it out!

During the week he bought the TV and last night, during dinner preparation, he decided to erect the goody! Knowing that I am the handy-woman of the house, he asked if I would oblige and help him. I told him I was busy making dinner ,and that I could do the job tomorrow.

So...... Hubby and his two sons proceeded to mount the plasma TV on a bracket in the corner of the room.

I heard the odd comment ...... "Oh no... that's not right!" " Why aren't the screws going in?" " Dad, I think it's going to be very skew!"
Then I heard Hubby's plea.........."BABES , I need your help here!" After assessing the scene I realised I was needed, or forever I would have to watch Sky.NEWS with my head positioned in the 45 degree angle!

The boys were jubilant that I was now on the scene! Hubby has many talents..... handy work just ain't one of them!

So, off to work I set with two very important weapons! My measuring tape and my set of Hilti Screws! That's it girls........ and the job was done! El Pronto!

Love and hugs ...... Fifi


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Daddy's Girl.

This is Tanzi's favourite place when Hubby is working out! Not only does she get to 'feel like a big girl' because she is allowed on the gym apparatus, but she gets Daddy's full attention! You should see how she flutters her eyelashes and does her ballet arms. He falls for her charms every time!

I just can't get her to smile normally in a photo. She always seems to look rather strange! Any ideas? A friend suggested I get her to say "smelly socks" instead of "cheese". Do you think it helped?.... uhhhhh... nope!

Love Fifi

Monday, September 10, 2007

Birthday Time Again!

My middle child(the newborn in the pic), CoolDude ,turned 9 today!

He is a very special boy, who keeps us all thoroughly entertained with his sharp whit.

I had my hardest pregnancy with this little guy. I had to be on Asthma medication and a Cortisone pump, because I battled to breath some days. Nights were the worst..... twice Hubby had to rush me to hospital at midnight because I thought I was taking my last breaths!
He was such a big boy that I had to have him induced 12 days before his due date.(He weighed 3.8 at birth!)
He entered the world with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck. When hubby got his first look at him, he was shocked, as CoolDude was a deep shade of blue! In hindsight I am pleased we decided to induce early.

CoolDude has brought us so much joy. We nicknamed him "Zee French Babe", as he had lots of dark hair and a dark complexion. From day one he has made alot of noise.

His has a brilliant memory.If we have misplaced something we call on the CoolDude..... and he finds it!

CoolDude is one handsome boy who loves people and life! Let him loose in a room full of kids.... and he'll befriend them all. Everyone loves CoolDude.

We love Ya So Much!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I have followed........

..............the story of the disappearance of 4 year old Madelaine McCann from day one! Every morning I log onto Sky News to get the latest update. Every morning I hope I will hear some good news of her safe return. Like a lot of people, I feel like I know this little girl and her family well!
I am shocked to hear the latest news...... that her parents are now "formal suspects" and that Kate McCann may be arrested for the 'accidental death' of her little girl! A British reporter said that for the police to even suggest something like this, they must have quite good evidence to support their claims. Are the Portuguese police using the McCanns as scapegoats to cover up for their sloppy investigations?
Please God give us all closure on this one! He is the vindicator.

just me sprouting forth!
Love Fifi


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Birthday Time.

The night before Tanzi's Birthday , we went out to The Spur, a well known South African restaurant.The waitors and waitresses brought her an ice-cream with a sparkler in it, and sang her happy birthday!

The next day(her birthday!), we made the cake! She asked for a My Little Pony cake.

The following day(Friday 7th)Tanzianzi had a friend over for tea and cake.
Big brother was such a help!Ahhhh she loves him so!

Here's the birhday bunch.....yip, I said it was a small get together this year!

But they all had fun and ate themselves silly!!!!!


Love Fifi

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I think this pressie gets the nod!

Happy 3rd Birthday TanziPanzi!
We love you, Princess of Wonderland!
Mom, the present you gave Tanzi for her birthday is a winner! It has been rented by the 'My Little Ponies' clan and 'Barbie of SwanLake.'

This year I decided not to give Tanzi a party. So tomorrow she will have one friend over for cake and some sweets.

That's it for know ,I am so tired but I need to ice the cake.........umghhhhhhhhhh!

Love Fifi zzzzzz


Tuesday, September 4, 2007


As a youngster, I loved receiving shoes for my birthday. If I close my eyes and reminisce, I can remember all those beautiful shoes my parents bestowed on me!To me, they were more than just foot coverings, .............
they were art!
I do think Tanzi might be following in Momma's shoes!.....hmmmmm

Posing in one of her favourite pairs.The clonkity-clonk variety!

Love Fifi