Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bird Feeder of note!

Sticking with the bird theme........ All the Grade 4's were told they had to design and make a bird feeder. They were not allowed to spend more than R10.00($1.50). We managed to find everything we needed at home and not a penny was spent! Here's the proud owner of a very bright and beautiful bird feeder.......

He got the top mark and achieved 97%! Well Done CoolDude!

Wordless Wednesday.................. Nice to m(EAT) you Larry!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Picture this.........

.............. My eldest and I have parked the car and are walking into the cross country arena. On the back of his running shirt he has "Hillcrest Christian Academy" written in big white letters.
As we briskly walk past a group of runners, we hear a young girl shout "Oh my G-d Dad!!!!!"
With which my son comments ........ "Well, we know where she's going!" ......... I start to walk a whole lot faster! I am now extremely embarrassed!
My eldest is a black or white type of guy........ an' no one can keep him quiet if he feels strongly about something!
I might need to do a refresher on "THE LOVE OF GOD", though !!?

Monday, April 21, 2008

If only we had known..........

We only found out (after devastating results), that MrGee should never have touched this baby hamster!
Let me back track ....... 3 weeks ago WizzKids Teddy Bear Hamsters gave birth to three lil' ones. The next day we could only find two....... we blamed it on a miss count! A week later the boys found the mother dragging around the upper half of a baby hamster. We seperated the male and female and put the baby with his mom.
Then we took this picture ......... MrGee is trying to act sad that we only have one hammy left!
Now the devastating news........... the boys found this lil' one today with his head eaten off! They were mortified!
We rushed off to the pet shop with the assumption that they must have sold us a couple of psycho rodents! The assistant explained that we are not meant to touch the young hamsters until they are totally weaned. If the mother smells an unusual smell on them she WILL eat them! Oh-dear............ we live an' learn!

BTW....... our Date was truly memorable. We went to a restaurant that was our favourite place to dine 10 years ago. We reminisced and enjoyed the most delicious french cuisine. Sorry no pics..... but that would be an invasion of our privacy Katie!!! hehe

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm going on a date.......

........ with MrGee of course!
Since moving back to my hometown, MrGee and I have had to but "Date Night" on hold. With settling into our new home and new schools, re-connecting with old friends and getting used to MrGee flying back and forth to Johannesburg (every week) there just hasn't been much time to enjoy a night out ALONE.

WELL..... tonight is the night! I had my hair done at the salon.... we've organised a baby sitter for three hours, I bought a new pair of shoes(heehee.... I love shoes!) and we've booked at one of our favourite restaurants.

Can you hear that I have a smile on my face ........ it stretches from ear to ear!

Good Night!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ni Hao!

MrGee started learning Mandarin about a month ago. Every Tuesday and Thursday night he goes to Chinese school. We hear him practising the alphabet every other night! We have heard it so often that we all know the alphabet so well. Even Tanzi says her b- p- m- f- d- t- n- l- etc....... beautifully!


When I asked MrGee why he was learning Mandarin, he replied..... " I'd like to know what the Chinese are saying when they take over the world!" OOOO-kay!

I want to learn Spanish ........ American friends, know of any good spanish websites that will teach me the basics?

Love Fee

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My blogs yummeeeeeee......!

A fellow South African blogger ...... Gill ....... from Gill's Jottings gave me this award! She has just been on a family holiday to the Cape, and she has some lovely pics of South Africa on her blog.
Thanks Gill!!!
Does that make me a "Yummy Mummy?" (teehee)
I have great pleasure in passing this award onto Katie and the Boys from By His Good Grace. According to her profile 'she's married to a YUMMY South African man!' She is very creative and cooks up a storm. Go pay her a visit and tell her I sent you over! She's about to embark on homeschooling her 3 handsome boys.
Hugz Fifi

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My fruit is growing again..........

When the load sharing initiative (AKA black-outs!) started I lost all my fruit. I would rant and rave about the big wigs at Eskom getting hugely inflated salaries whilst we sat in the dark! WizzKid even came up with a derogatory sentence making mention of these Eskom heavy weights. Just as we have the saying "You son of a gun or b-tch." He made up...... "You son of an Eskom CEO!" Much more of an insult in my eyes!!!!


Well........ my TOOT for today is that I'm growing fruit again, and I am using these times to my advantage. In the morning it forces me to have a quiet time with the Lord instead of being attached to the computer and in the evenings we sit around a candle lit table and play cards or 30 seconds. We're having good family time!


So I say.....

Bring it on Eskom.We're not afraid of the dark!!!



Friday, April 4, 2008

Friends....... Boyfriends?

You might remember the post I did on why I could not ask Tanzi to be a blessing anymore! Well here is Blessing and Tanzi. I caught them trying on hats in the Fantasy Corner.......


and hoola-hooping.....................


Tanzi is crazy about Asher...... she has mentioned "He's my best boyfriend!" I do hope this is just a grammar issue and that she has no others! teehee


Geniet die naweek!('Enjoy the weekend' Afrikaans)

Hugz Fee