Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We are EX Bunny Parents

The somber pic below is of Miss Tanzi and Avicci her Bunny. She loved him dearly, but once again she was scared that he would get sick and have fits like the other bunnies she had had. 
After much deliberation we decided it was best to give him to a very deserving owner that had lost her bunnies to a vicious dog attack.
 Not only did Avicci have his name changed to Jelly Bean but he also gave birth to three little bunnykins..Yes........... He was a SHE!  

Miss Tanzi saw the pic and was happy, although she started to haggle for another. 

I love the little critters but 
it's too heart breaking.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Getting real.

Now that my boys are older I feel comfortable revealing their true identities(wink). I think they would also be happier to drop their pseudo-names!
 so....... drum role please.... Cooldude and WizzKid

are really........ Codey-Reece and Jamie-Scott

Two very special boys who continually make this momma very proud. 


Sunday, March 30, 2014

WizzKid Decides!

WizzKid has been working for his dad(MrGee) for almost two months. It was unexpected and a shock to all! Well... let me back up and explain.

WizzKid has always wanted to go to varsity. His two fields of interest have been Biology and Computers(IT).At one stage he wanted to be a doctor but later on he decided IT was the better option. So he applied for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Stellenbosch University. His very good Cambridge marks got him a place in the course of his choice and Res. We were all so excited for him.
Just before Christmas he sat Mr Gee and I down and said that he did not want to go to varsity. He had decided he was going to work for MrGee's company, and that he would do his studies through UNISA(distance learning). We were ok with his choice and felt it could work.

Then, after his friends had left for varsity, WizzKid became VERY grumpy. We spoke to him and we wondered if he had made the wrong decision to stay at home and not go to varsity!
After persuasion from MrGee, WizzKid said he would go. In 2 days we re-organised his entry and WizzKid told his girlfriend he was going to varsity the next day...... and off he went!
It was a frenzied emotional time.

Ten days after WizzKid had been at varsity he phoned me and very politely said that he was coming home.He told us that he did not want to go back into another glorified schooling system. I totally understood, but I also knew he was coming back for his girlfriend. He paid for his flight home. Things were tense when he arrived home.    
MrGee and him negotiated, and a plan was set in place. Initially it was flippin hard for all!
WizzKid now works full day for MrGees company. I am so glad my son had the strength to say THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE!(and he did it so respectfully)

SO.... WizzKid works for MrGee...... and things are GOOD! Yes, it was a shock, but I am seeing God's hand move beautifully in this chapter of our lives.

GOD IS GOOD..... all the time!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This girl is awesome!!

Miss Tanzi had Grandparents day at school. She was SO excited that my Mom and Dad decided to come. Even though she didn't perform on stage for them, she loved the fact that they met her teacher(who we all think looks like Granny!).

The next day, I received this letter....

"Dear Mr and Mrs Gibbons
Mrs Gademane has commended Tanna to me for her cheerful disposition and willingness to serve others.
It would seem Tanna has a special ability to notice when teachers and friends need help. I am so proud of her. I trust she continues to grow as a pupil of integrity, living out the ethos to which we hold so dear."

My girly is beautiful from every angle!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Family Time in the mountains

Five days together at Champagne Sports Resort was just what we all needed. It was the first time we had stayed there and we were amazed at all the different activities they had to offer. We played tennis, squash, bowls and we went for a walk in the mountains. Just one walk, as it is not the boys favourite thing to do.
Boyd and I went on a couple more walks.... Below my face says it all as I try to keep up with the Egyptian slave master!

I think Jamie missed Britt too much and a couple of times I could see he just wanted to be at home seeing her... but I think the delicious buffet cheered him and Codey up daily! They love their food.
Miss Tanzi made friends with everyone, and was very brave to enter two talent events. She sang 'Roar' by Katy Perry and performed 'The Cup Song'.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Shearing!

Mr Gee made very eager Cooldude wait till the first of January before he could shave off his few upper whiskers!

Who knew we would spend SO much moola on a razor! But anyway the momentous occasion was not to be missed by all...... Even the cats joined in.



Congratulations CoolDude.... You certainly are turning into a very handsome young man! A man full of wisdom.... A man of stature! I love you.x

Monday, November 18, 2013

A very special birthday message

"Dear Fifi,

Happy Birthday and may we spend many more together.
I am proud of you. How you have coped with the season change 
in your life as the kids grow and go! Also how you have conducted
yourself with your new working situation(five mornings a week) and also
being able to keep up with the home and kid's demands.... and husband
You are smart, likable, witty, strong and an incredible mother.

May God guide you through the challenges you are facing and will face.
Don't forget, the Lord is your strength and you can do ALL things
through Him who strengthens you.

Lots of love
MrGee "

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So Grateful.

We started visiting a new church a couple of months ago....CityHill in Hillcrest. Steve Wimble(the pastor) is a brilliant teacher of the word and we always leave church encouraged and equipped with practical 'tools' that can be implemented in our lives.

(side note..... Steve Wimble's son is one of the boys who cornered Miss Tanzi and stole her chocolate! Luckily he escaped the wrath of her chompers... the other guy was not so lucky!)

Anyhow... this past Sunday Steve spoke about gratitude and being thankful for what we have.

I decided to reflect upon my blessings, so thank you Jesus for.............

MrGee's new kidney
healthy, happy, life-loving children
a beautiful home and garden
an architectural job
a domestic worker 
true friends... Marcia and Pauline 
the 8 years I got to home-school my children
the leafy suburb of Hillcrest we live in (it's really beautiful!)
a Hubby who is faithful, dependable, hard working and a wonderful father
2 cats who fight to sleep on my side of the bed each night
the beautiful pinky/orange colours in Your sunrise
technology (blogging memories and catching up with Facebook buddies) 
a reliable car
family that have not emigrated overseas. We are all still in South Africa... this is quite amazing!
my health
............... and there is so much more.

It's all about what we focus on.
As Pastor Steve encouraged "Think of a doughnut.... we can choose to see the hole or the delicious ring of pastry!" So simple, yet great reminder.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Happy Daddy-O!

Another year has past and  MrGee seems to be defying the aging process.He's looking so healthy thanks to his new kidney! All three kiddies made reference to it in his birthday card this year.
"Dear Father......... Happy 21st Birthday ... Oh mom just told me it's your 45th.... yuss, you look young! Love Miss Tanzi"
"Dear Daddy-O ..... I'm so proud of the young man you have become! I'm proud to call you my son... Uh wait, sorry. Dad I forget how old you are because of your 'Harvey Hair'! Love CoolDude."
"Dear Daddy....... Happy womb exit day! Congratulations on making it to 45! Most people would say that you're half way through life but I am constantly reassured by myself that you are going to live till 150 years of age. Love WizzKid."

                                                  HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY !