Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zee loves bath time......NOT!

Can't you just see how much our 'drowned rat' loves his weekly bath ?

But we love him a whole lot more when he is "good and clean and fresh tra-la-la!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost done ..........

WizzKid has completed 4 out of his 6 exams. He writes them at home with me adjudicating. I am NOT allowed to have any communication with him, and I cannot look at the finished paper. Once completed I have to seal it immediately in a brown envelope and post it off to the British International College in Johannesburg who in turn posts it to Cambridge, England. It is marked and sent back to S.Africa.

(taking a break)
My oh my ...... this has been hard as I have SO wanted to take a quick peek at his completed papers. Tomorrow he writes his biggie ..... it is Computer Studies & IT. He is in Grade 8 but because of his high aptitude in this subject they have allowed him to write the Grade 10/11 exam(IGCSE/O level) . It is so complicated and way over my head ..... thankfully, MrGee has stepped in and tested him.

!!! Vasbyt seun !!!
("hang in there son")

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Awww I love her ........

Out of the blue Miss Tanzi said, "I think I need a sleeping chart so that I sleep all the night in my bed!" My heart felt like it had been struck by an arrow .... not one from cupid's quiver!!!! My little 'princess of wonderland' didn't need to sleep in our bed anymore?? When did she grow up ..... how DARE she grow up!(hehe)
So I obliged, and with a heavy heart I made her a reward chart .......

(Seven boxes need to be filled with a sticker, and then she gets the reward on the right.)
Emotionally I tucked my 'big girl' in bed.

Needless to say the chart remains void of any stickers ........... Yay!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My blog turns four!

When I posted my first entry in Oct 2005 I was totally unaware of the adventure that was about to unfold in my life ......... it all happened one evening as I searched the internet for homeschooling advice. I was directed to a blog at I signed up that night not quite knowing the reason why I wanted or needed a blog!! My first post EVER ... One Giant Leap!

Initially I saw blogging as a tool for gleaming ideas from other creative homeschooling moms. Then......... I experienced the excitement of meeting other ladies from all over the world. As I got more confident, I started to tweak my template(play around with the html code) and had fun creating new effects on my blog.

In the last two years I have been more selective about what I blog on. I've tried to make it less about me and my opinion, and have focused more on creating memories. When the kids have flown the nest, I will still have all those beautiful memories to treasure. When I sit with my grandchildren, I will be able to share with them the fun times their parents had as youngsters.

(PS .... thank you to all my wonderful blogging gals who visit and comment ..... I would really love to enjoy a cuppa tea/coffee with you at a real table! This virtual table is great but to actually meet you would be SO much better!)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Say hello to Zee !

I have been wanting a "Zee" for a couple of months now. Zee is a six week old Yorkshire terrier. (apparently!)

Zee got his name from the kink in his tail that is in the shape of a 'Z'.

Isn't he cute ....... he is my baby ...... the fourth child I always wanted!

We've had him for 0ne complete day and I am already exhausted ..... he kept me up most of last night!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm a child of the King

Once I was clothed in the rags of my sin,
Wretched and poor, lost and lonely within.
But with wondrous compassion, the King of all kings,
In pity and love, took me under His wings.

Oh, yes, oh yes, I'm a child of the King
His royal blood now flows in my veins.
And I who was wretched and poor now can sing
Praise God, praise God, I'm a child of the King.

Now I'm a child with a Heavenly home,
My Holy Father has made me His own.
And I'm cleansed by His blood, and I'm clothed in His love,
And some day I'll sing with the angels above.

(an old hymn)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Headlines Please!

I LOVE to talk and get into deep conversation .... the deeper the conversation the better!! On the other hand MrGee releases very little information voluntarily and I generally have to D-R-A-W it out of him! (I'm sure we're not alone in this department?)
A couple of years ago I was in deep conversation/rambling on about something when MrGee said " Can I have the headlines please?" Since then it's become a family joke!!
With all that in mind, I've decided to write a 'HEADLINES PLEASE' post every second or so week!
So here goes ................

WizzKid has exams in 2 weeks so we are plowing through revision Maths.

I don't give a flying fig what the body corporate feels, I will NOT let them bully me into getting rid of Tiggy-Pooh .

Miss Tanzi changes her clothes at least 4 times a day! When she has a friend over that makes it 8 soiled outfits! (urrrggghh!)

WizzKid and CoolDude went to their first hip-hop class. Their faces beamed with joy as they tried to master the all-new moves! They loved it!

That's this weeks Headlines Update!