Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Call it vanity ......

At the mo I am sitting in a B&B in Johannesburg all by myself ..... and happy to be catching a break from the business of my offspring!!
WizzKid is at swimming training with his old club and MrGee has taken CoolDude and Miss Tanzi to a movie.
As I type, I keep turning my head and smiling into the mirror beside me! Yes I am loving this quiet time ...... but even more so, I am admiring my beautiful pearly whites! I had them whitened today and they look just fab.
Take a look at this gorgeous pic of me(not!) ......... hehe
Some gnashers ..... aren't they!
Am I the only vain girl around?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

WizzKid and Cooldude jam with friends

Picnic on the Persian!

My CoolDude turned 12 last week. When asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner ..... the kids all shouted in unison ...." A picnic on the carpet!"

This type of special dinner has definitely become a family tradition!
We all munched away to Jeff Dunham's hillarious puppets ..... Aghmed and Walter being our
Happy Birthday my precious boy ..... you have brought so much joy into my life!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Boys Are GREAT!

I was reminded of this post I did in 2006 ....

I have two boys,

Two really handsome boys who are incredibly clever, wise and mature. You might be thinking "YEH MAMMA.... Stop blowing your children's horn!"

Well I ask you....who else will !!

I am reading this fanastic book by Steve Biddulph called "RAISING BOYS", and I realise that Boys have an incredible need to be affirmed and recognised!(we all do, but particularly boys)

Unfortunately there has been such an assault on men and their maleness that even our boys are feeling the brunt of it! Their self image needs a GOOD BOOST!

I read this in "Raising Boys":......

"The Media continually portrays males as rapists, murderers, or inadequate fools. So a boy may feel quite bad about himself as a masculine being. Mothers can do a lot to overcome this. I've heard beautiful comments from mothers to their sons : telling them from the age of about ten and upwards, 'Boy, you're a good looking hunk!!' when they try on their new clothes; ...... or 'The girl who marries you is going to be SO lucky.' when they do a good job around the house; .....and 'I really enjoy your company', ......'You're interesting to talk to', and .....' You have a really great sense of humour'.

I want my boys to be strong....yet gentle.... courageous....yet merciful.

They need good self images.... and mothers I believe can do alot to help their dear sons!

It is such an awesome thing to raise boys!

Males have been designed by God to be pioneers that forge ahead...... to have 'hair brained schemes' that sometimes never come to anything....And yet sometimes do!

Humbled, I am again.... this is a task I cannot achieve without Christ.