Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Little Red Hen

Cooldude is an amazing boy. He has such a compassionate and caring heart. He had been studying all afternoon, and had had enough! As I called for Miss Tanzi to brush teeth and get in bed, he said " I'll read her a good night story." I was like ..... " Son,are you sure?" 
"Oh yes mom, I'll have fun."
Miss Tanzi's favorite book was located and Cooldude began reading "The Little Red Hen." 
I started to hear shrieks of laughter so I giraffed my head in and found out that Cooldude had put a spin on the story........ It was now called "The Little Red Suicide Bomber Hen." 

She was in stitches ...... Cooldude you rock as a big brother! Xx

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Farther......

Miss Tanzi loves writing little notes to us.

Dear Farther
I love you because you play games with me and you are kind to me. Your awsome.... This is what it stands for.

A. for Awsome
W. for Workaholik
S. for Sweet
O. for Original
M. for Making happyness
E. for not been Empty harted

Thanks for being a great dad!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

HAPPY 70th DAD !

 My Dad is one of a kind..... he is loud and bolshy. Feisty and argumentative!
I say this with a smile on my face..... as I know my Dad would be quite happy with this summary as he is very proud of who he is!
 And I am too.... My Dad HATES injustice and has on many occasions stood up for the underdog.
 My Dad may be loud and feisty, but he is interesting and there is NEVER a dull moment when he is around! 
My dad is a music lover who has always exposed my brother and I (and his grandkids) to artists of note. 

My Dad is fun!

I love you Dad, and look forward to many more happy memories made.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Sickening Truth!

CoolDude did his Science expo on the dangers of living close to power lines.

Quite scary stuff!
He came first in his grade with 91%
I'm SO proud of you my son.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My little vampire.

Brirring Brirring ....... Brirring Brirring

"Hello my names Karen, you don't know me but my son,James, is in your daughters class, 
and well .......... she bit him today. "

"What? No, not Miss Tanzi! She would NEVER do that, she's such a gentle soul."

"My son said it was the new girl(Tanzi is new) in his class. I must say its quite a bite. It's very bruised and my son said it bled at school."

"She's asleep, but I'll ask her tomorrow morning and get back to you..... I'm sure it wasn't her."

Next morning.

"Miss Tanzi, do you know James in your class?"

"Yes mom."

"Did you bite him yesterday?" 

"Oh yes!"

"You DID?!!!!"

"Yes... He deserved it. He and another boy chased me and tried to steal my chocolate ..... They pinned me against the wall, and I had to bite him."

Oh heck .........

Then I thought good on you girl, as she needs to stand up for herself. 

The bite was bad.... I saw it. Miss Tanzi said sorry and James promised he wouldn't tease her again. 

Oh my word .... A week into school and my girl has been nick named 'chompers' by her Zulu teacher .

Thursday, October 10, 2013

First day in a uniform!

 After a long wait Miss Tanzi got a place at Curro Hillcrest Christian Academy. We've had an amazing time learning together for almost three years but I have felt the season was coming to an end. The house is going to be VERY quiet without your beautiful singing and constant chatter.

The schools motto is 'DEVELOPING GREATNESS' and I pray, my precious heart, that greatness abounds in every area of your life. Enjoy your learning journey at this remarkable school!  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All About Me.

My name is Miss Tanzi.
I'm 8 years old.
My fave things to do are swimming,
having fun with my best friend Erin,
riting storys,
dressing my cat up,
being with people,
waching movies
and singing.
I have brown hair, blue eyes and freckles.
I love the coloers blue and perple.
I love Jesus. He is awsome!
I love my family.

( I found this written in her secret diary.... yes, I know I shouldn't be snooping.
 I think she forgot to mention her love for The Biebs?)