Friday, February 27, 2009

I had to chuckle!

Picture this ....... my domestic worker making cookies with Miss Tanzi whilst I slog away cleaning her bedroom and sorting out her many toys ..... most of which are no bigger than my thumb nail! (I have a growing dislike for PollyPocket and her miniature world.)
Yip - this took place yesterday afternoon.

Because we were painting Tanzi's room, I took everything out and dumped it on the covered veranda. It had been there since Monday and we were now on Thursday. I had even hinted to Nelly (my helper?) that we were having guests for a braai on Friday and that the area needed to look neat. Due to the sheer magnitude of the task, I am sure she purposely put it off.

So in frustration I got stuck into the millions of toys. Next thing I notice that Nelly and Tanzi are baking biscuits together!!! (mmmmmm ...... that's interesting.)

This is the NEW SOUTH AFRICA .... so they say!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miss Tanzi's Bedroom revamp.

I love to be creative ....... it may be to blog, sew, paint, mosaic, or just create new hairstyles in Tanzi's hair but as long as I am making or doing something with my hands ...... I AM VERY HAPPY! At the moment I am doing up Tanzi's bedroom.
Thank goodness MrGee was not home tonight, because he wouldn't have been too happy about the painting being done on our dining room table.(Sorreeeeee babes!) But I did need a lot of space! (Forgiven?)

Cooldude was eager to help with the painting of the mirror ........

And so I started the wall paintings for Miss Tanzi's bedroom.

I am happy so far!


Monday, February 23, 2009

The start of Tanzi's bedroom makeover.

This morning I told MrGee ...... "I'm all pinked out!"
After doing 'the blue and red' colour scheme with my boys for many years, I was very exicted to be able to do the 'pink thing' when Miss Tanzi arrived.
Now .... four years down the line, I am ready to introduce my daughter to some other colours!!
I have decided to paint her room 2 different tones of lilac. Okay, okay , so it's not that far off pink but I will also be introducing a light, crisp green.

I covered this old toybox with padding and fabric. It was fun using a staple gun for the first time. The whole procedure was quick and easy.
I'll keep you posted on this project.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am hooked!

I have never enjoyed computor games. I just don't get the point of them! ...... BuT what I do like is any sort of PUZZLE that needs to be worked out! WELL ..... I came across a very kewl puzzle/game that I cannot draw myself away from! I downloaded the free demo and within 24 hours had bought the deluxe version. My kids are hooked too ...... go and have a look at CRAYON PHYSICS. It sounds like I'm selling the product, but I ain't! It is just such an awesome product that I think ALL my friends should know about it!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

I made three Valentines cakes this year ...... one for MrGee(and the kids!),one for Tanzi's school and the third was for one of WizzKids friends.(She turned 14)

Which one do you like the most ?


Friday, February 13, 2009

Aboriginal Painting

We are learning about Australia in Sonlight Core 5. This week the boys had to do a "Choose Your Adventure" project. CoolDude decided to reproduce a painting done by a well known aboriginal artist.

He loved doing this task and really put a lot of effort into it. I think it's worthy of being framed and hung in his room!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We bunked school on a Monday!!

Yesterday the sun streamed into our room at about 5:30 am and MrGee and I both woke up delighted! You see .... since we moved to Hillcrest we have not seen much of Mr Golden Sun. Misty, humid and wet days have really been getting us down!
So we packed the boat and headed for Inanda Dam.

Tanzi was gobsmacked to see me in a bikini top and shorts...... she giggled and said "Are you wearing your costume 'cause you are not a fat chick anymore?" I nervously laughed and jumped quickly into the dam for water coverage.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

The 36th Midmar Mile

WizzKid swam a mile across the Midmar Dam with approximately 18 000 other swimmers! We think he did it in about 25 minutes, but we will find out the exact time soon.
The finish .............(below)
WizzKid with three of his swimming buddies.
My Mom and Dad live very close to Midmar Dam, so we got together for lunch at a very picturesque spot. The food took FOREVER to arrive, but the beautiful setting definately made up for the slow service.
The view ....... of Howick Falls.
It was a fabulous day...... enjoyed by all!
We have had mist and drizzle for many weeks, so to feel the sun's rays and soak up a good dose of vitamin D was just what we all needed!!


Friday, February 6, 2009

My thinking cap needed dusting off!

What do you do when you are just not able to explain Maths to your Grade 8 son? You secretly do some brushing up on the internet!! When WizzKid was out of the classroom, I found a site that explained the nth term in Quadratic sequences beautifully. So this morning when we reviewed the tutorials together, I looked super clever!!! (hehe) Whew .....

Have a well deserved Happy Weekend all you busy moms!!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

WizzKids new name .....

At club swimming today WizzKid's group was given a challenge. They had to put their face in the water and hold their breath for as long as possible.
THEN ....... when they were out of breath, they had to keep holding their breath(what ever they had left!) and attempt to swim as far as they could.
Well ...... WizzKid held his breath for 50 seconds underwater and then managed to swim a FULL 25 metres on that same breath!!
His mates have nicknamed him "Third Lung."


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Target practice.

If you are a bird lover you may be offended by this post. Press the back arrow NOW!

Ever heard of a bird called the Hadeda(Haa-dee-daa)? It is related to the ibis and as far as I know it is indigenous to Southern Africa.

They are best known by their call – ha-ha-ha-ha-hadaha – hence their name. The call of a single bird is unexpectedly loud and the noise made by a whole flock that has been disturbed and takes to the air, is enough to waken the dead. They are usually heard calling when flying (hence the myth that they are scared of heights.. and flying).

They are a real pain.... yes, I know that they serve the purpose of aerating the soil and keeping the locust and worm population down ..... but they are a pest!! Their favourite spot is the apex of our roof where they love to do big white runny poops.
SOLUTION ........ MrGee struck upon the idea to scare them away with WizzKids paintball gun. Since Tanzi is in the garden the most, she slotted beautifully into the role as our look-out scout. She sounds the alarm with a shrill call ... " They're on the roof, they're on the roof!!" The boys stop whatever they are doing, grab the paintball gun and head for the sniper balcony.

They take aim and fire! Occassionally they hit the bird, other times they just scare the bejeebers out of them. The boys are starting to see this as target practice for the day when Grandpa Boom eventually gets to take them game hunting !
We live in Africa, and the thrill of hunting seems to be in blood of MrGee's family!