Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random signs? .... or do they hold a clue as to what happens behind closed doors .....

The welcome message on WizzKid's door .............
My interpretation ....... "After entering the Shark Tank you will need a toilet very soon!"

CoolDude's welcome message ...............
My interpretation...... *blank look* ...... ummm ....... ummmmm ...... no, got nothing!
Any ideas on what Cooldude's signs might represent?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Long weekend at Midmar Dam.

Below is my 'coming out of the closet' picture .....I have never been so vulnerable and in your face, but turning forty has been sooo liberating ...In the words of a dear friend .. "If you don't like what you see ...... then don't look!"

It was one of our best holidays! The weather was fab and we all chilled out beautifully. I managed well without my laptop/notebook ..... 4 days ...... now that must be a record!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The 'R-Word!'

A couple of weeks ago everything was just so 'random' ..... 'life was random', 'that song was so random', 'he was totally random'.
Well, according to WizzKid and CoolDude, it was! (I do promise to NEVER use the word RANDOM again after this post.) Oh yes, it had become an issue ... a minor one ....but never the less an irritating issue in the Gibbons' household. Whenever the boys couldn't find a suitable adjective they would slot in the 'R- WORD'! Of course in their eyes it was the coolest word around but I saw it as pure laziness!
Then ...... Miss Tanzi
exclaimed, "My outfit looks so random!" I nearly went into cardiac arrest.... heck, my 5 year old has caught this terrible disease?
Hearing 'random' in stereo is bad, but hearing it in surround sound is 'Helsinki' ..... so, I banned the use of 'RANDOM' ..............
f-o-r-e-v-e-r !!
I am happy to say that two weeks down the line they have all forgotten about that random word .... except me, who has it permanently etched on my left-side brain!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The latest addition to our family ......

............ please welcome 'Stella' the dwarf bunny.(Named after a girl in the Jonas Brother's sitcom.... Tanzi's favourite show!)
The last experience we had with the rabbit variety was not a good one.... in 2001 we were given two really cute bunnies that became two HUGE, biting angora rabbits that kicked the poop out of us. Both met their deaths gruesomely. One was poisoned by our neighbour and the other broke his back whilst trying to get away from our cheeky Jack Russell, Roscoe.
We are hoping for a very different outcome this time round. Yes, I know us Gibbons' have a bad track record with pets but I have a very good feeling about this little one. She has a cracker of a personality and is seemingly 'low maintenance'.
(mantra...."I will get over the fact that she gnawed through my mouse cord... I will get over the fact that she gnawed through my mouse cord....hhmmmmmm.")

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching my breath ..........

The boys have almost completed their fourth week at their new schools. Wow! It has been busy! Within the first month the boys have each done an English, Afrikaans and Zulu oral. Cooldude has written two English stories,a book review and had numourous tests in each subject!! WizzKid has had cycle tests every Wednesday and Saturday..... YES, he has school on a Saturday! At the moment he is working on a Science Expo ......... I am exhausted I can't imagine how they must feel.
Because the boys have swimming(2 hours) every day, they have to do all their homework after 7:30 pm. Yes-siree-bob, our lives have changed 180 degrees. Boy do I miss those homeschooling days when we would eeeeeaase into the day ..... learn a whole lot of interesting stuff ..... and effortlessly glide into the evenings. I feel like all day long I am screaming orders ... "Hurry up!" "Get in the car!" " We're gonna be late!" .......... hmmmm. breath. breath.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Make-over ..... ?

Oh don't I look glam ....?
Although you can't see the final result properly, I can assure you Miss Tanzi took her time and enjoyed painting my face for an hour. I gave her carte blanche of my make-up draw and she took full advantage! She slapped foundation unevenly over my forehead and cheeks,outlined my lips horribly, filled in my eyebrows heavily,covered my pimples(pimples?) with layers of concealer,painted every shade of eyeshadow I owned on my eyelids, gave me a butterfly and flower on my cheeks and .......... stabbed me in the eye with the mascara brush!!! Yes ...... that was when I suggested "Lets wrap this baby up!"