Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cooldude loves Pooh!

Today,fourteen years ago we were blessed with a very special boy,Cooldude. On this day Wizzkid was persuaded to be a 'big boy' and give his new born brother the Pooh Bear he had received when he was born.

Cooldude became so attached to Pooh, that by 6 months of age if anyone tried to take his slobbered-on friend away he would let out a high pitched scream. He had to be washed, dried and popped back into Cooldude's cot before sleep time was up!
Over the next 4 years Pooh Bear had to be hospitalized for numerous limb re-attachments and eyeball transplants.

In one of our many moves Pooh got lost and Cooldude forgot about his bear friend, that is until about a year ago. Cooldude doesn't care what his friends think about his love for Pooh! For his birthday celebration at school he asked me to make this cake.....
HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS SON. You brighten up our lives! Xlove youX