Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just when you thought you knew me...

I saw this on Gills blog @ Gills Jottings . I thought it would be fun to do..............

10 Things I liked as a teenager that I really don’t care for now:

  1. Blond Hair! (I was desperate for it!)

  2. Leg warmers

  3. Fuchsia and Lime green mix of clothes!

  4. Madonna (Oh .... totally!)

  5. Boy George (urgh!)

  6. Rolled up shorts

  7. Ankle bracelets

  8. A second piercing in my left ear. (Did it myself!)

  9. Blue eye shadow

  10. Rob Lowe ( I had a major crush on the oke!)

10 things I didn’t like as a teenager that I do like now:

  1. Avocados, olive and feta in a salad

  2. Red wine

  3. Nurturing my plants!

  4. Epic/classical/period movies. ( I luv 'em)

  5. Books

  6. Children ( good thing I like them now!)

  7. Rules and boundaries!

  8. Educational games and toys

  9. The Bible

  10. My Hubby(I knew him as a teenager, but I didn't like him!)

10 things that I didn't like as a teen and still don’t like:

  1. People who lie

  2. Being on stage/the center of attention

  3. Cellulite

  4. False friends

  5. Seafood

  6. Honey

  7. Snakes and scaley lizards.
  8. Going on a plane!( I am freaked about this!)
  9. Speed and heights!!!!!
  10. Dogs.... sorry, all you dog lovers!

10 things I liked as a teen and still do:

  1. I have and love BIG hair
  2. enjoy a great beat and a good dance!
  3. I thoroughly enjoy true life stories.
  4. Brad Pitt... say no more!
  5. Friday afternoons!
  6. Art appreciation and architecture
  7. Home decor
  8. MUSIC of all types... as long as the words are kosher!
  9. Cats !!!
  10. Trustworthy friends.

Please let me know if you do this.

Hugs Fee

Sunday, November 25, 2007

It has been 10 long days..........

but finally MrGee is home!

He bought copious amounts of treats back for the kids and I. We have enough chocolate and candy to see us well through this Christmas period. The American candy and chocolate tastes completely different to ours. I find the chocolate extremely rich..... but the kids aren't complaining! I was thrilled to see he got me Christmas fruitcake from Bloomingdale's.... my absolute favourite!

The aftermath!

My dear friend Katrina from By His Good Grace and her Hubby looked after MrGee so well! Thank you special friends! (mwah,mwah)

He can't stop raving about your culinary skills girlfriend! You spoilt him horribly! I'm making MrGee Roast Lamb and Yorkshire Pudding for lunch today. I feel the necessity to impress him a little! teehee

Hugs Fee

Friday, November 23, 2007

CoolDude was not so cool this week.

This has been quite a week. CoolDude was admitted to hospital on Wednesday night. Let me backtrack a little....................
About 2 months ago, CoolDude started to complain of shooting pains up the left side of his chest. MrGee and I told him they were probably growing pains, and that he needed to tell us whenever they occurred. Initially he would have 3-4 sharp pains a day, but then it progressed to about 10.

On Monday morning he got out of bed looking the grimmest I've ever seen him. He hadn't slept the whole night, and every time he breathed in, that sharp shooting pain would cause him to groan in agony. A visit to the GP gave us no answers, so I tried to make an appointment with our Paediatrician. He was too busy to even see us. In South Africa we are so short of specialists, that they get to call the shots!

I just couldn't wait a week to see my Paed, so I asked our GP to phone the Casualty(Emergency Room) and explain the situation. So CoolDude and I spent 6 long hours at ER. After numerous X-rays, a scan and blood tests they found nothing! He was admitted, and further tests were done........ still the Paed on call found nothing.
After a night in hospital, he woke up the next morning and was totally fine!

This morning he woke up doubled over in pain and he had a fever of note!

I took him back to the hospital Paed ...... she did further examinations, and finally diagnosed it as Bornholm Disease ( also known as epidemic myalgia, epidemic pleurodynia, Sylvest's disease and Devil's Grip).
(Bornholm Disease = An acute infectious febrile disorder caused by a group B coxsackievirus and characterized by severe epigastric or thoracic pain. Epidemic pleurodynia may occur at any age but is most common in children. There is sudden onset of severe, frequently intermittent, often pleuritic pain in the epigastrium or lower anterior chest, with fever and often headache, sore throat.)
Understand all that????

Your prayers are so welcomed.
Hugs Fee

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

School is out!

The kids are delighted and I am over the moon!
We were going to finish the school year this Friday, but we have been doing revision for the past 2 weeks and I just felt to wrap it up today.

This school year we completed :
Sonlight Core 3&4 Condensed American History
Sonlight Science 4
Sonlight Bible 4

WizzKid completed:
Sonlight Grade 6 Language Arts
Wordly Wise 3000 (Book2)
Winston Grammar ( Basic Level)
Keys to Good Language 5
In addition to his assigned readers, he read another 24 books.
Maths- Singapore 5B,6A , Horizons 6(Book1)

CoolDude completed:
Sonlight Grade 3 Language Arts
Wordly Wize C
Modern Curriculum Press Word Study (Level D)
In addition to the assigned readers he read another 19 books
Maths- Singapore 3A, Horizons 3(Book 1&2)

We have had a great year, and now we can enjoy 2 months of fun in the sun!
Hugs Fee


Monday, November 19, 2007

8 Things I often say!

My dear friend Beth from Part of the Miracles tagged me! Now Beth, this was one haul of a tag...... as I sat trying to add to each categorie I realised I was going to be up till the cows came home!!! And these cows were s-l-o-w plodders!

Here were the questions I was supposed to answer.............

8 Things I'm passionate about
8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
8 Things I Say Often
8 Books I've read
8 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over
8 Things That Attract Me To My Best Friend
8 Things I've Learned This Year
8 People To Tag

Okay so I cheated.... The question in bold is the only one I answered. To make things easier I asked my boys to answer the question for me.

So here goes.............

8 Things I Say Often.(according to my boys)
  1. The S- word! (yes,I admit I do say sh-t ..... a bit!)
  2. Wash your w-llys boys! My eldest came to me the other day and asked politely if I could please call that body part "his private". He also suggested that it would be nicer if I didn't scream this for all the neighbours to hear!
  3. Come on....... quick sticks!I'm usually packing them into the car.
  4. Stop being a stinky bum!.... If the kids or the cat are not doing what I want them to do, I will refer to them as being one of these. It's said affectionately though!
  5. What a wonderful day! WizzKid reminded me that on opening the curtains, in the morning, I always exclaim this!
  6. Tanzi's too quiet, boys go find her! At least twice a day I ask the boys to seek out the whereabouts of TanziPanzi, and invariably she is caught in the act!
  7. WizzKid, I have a problem! WizzKid immediately knows that I have a computer issue! Poor kid I bug him alot!
  8. Oh my hat! CoolDude said whenever I was surprised I would say this...... so true!

Forgive me Beth....... I just didn't have the energy to complete the whole task!

But to you out there, the questions are available for you to copy,and to continue the life of this meme!

Hugs Fee


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brighter is better!

With MrGee being away I find I have a lot more time on my hands. Mmmmm...... so I decided to make some Summer place mats for our new home! I am a lover of bright and bold colour just like my blogger friend Sara. Go and check out her creative ideas at Sara's Art House. I love her use of colour(btw .....South Africans spell colour this way!) and her very clever ideas!
So Sara's bright and bold colours inspired these placements...............

As I was taking pics of the place mats, Tanzi decided to become a fashion model extraordinaire!

She needed to be the center of attention it seems!

And there was no stopping her!

Lots of love!



It's my special day today!

Yes,it's my birthday, so CoolDude decided he would make me scrambled egg on toast for breakfast. It was delicious.
Hubby is still in USA, and with no family around, I had wondered what sort of day I was going to have! But so far it's been pretty darn fine!
After breakfast I let the boys have their computer time and settled Tanzi in front of my notebook with yet another Barbie movie.
I had plans you see................. and they were to watch "Amazing Grace". My-o-my......I went through the full range of emotions from deep sorrow at how wicked the heart of man can be, to unbelievable joy of seeing one man's beliefs impact the people around him! It is a beautiful story...... you must see it!
So now I'm sitting chatting to you...... but I'm about to hop into the shower, do my hair and then mozee on over(South African slang for "go") to a friends house for lunch and some girly chit chat! (Her hubby's in Mauritius!)

So, let me be off
Hugs Fee


Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm on my ownsome!

I am without MrGee, and it feels strange. Of course MrGee has been away before, but he has never been 13 000kms(8 000miles) away ! He flew to New York and then took a train to a town in Connecticut. There's more...... he will be gone for 10 nights! Oh my greatness! The longest he has been away from me is 2 nights! Buzzing around in my head is that song by Fergie "Big girls dont cry."
Do you think I'm gonna make it ?..... he only left yesterday afternoon!

What made it even more emotional is that MrGee organised a beautiful bouquet of red roses to be delivered this morning. He instructed the boys to play my favourite romantic song by Savage Garden called "I knew I loved you before I met you."
Then the boys called me to come and have a look!

I was overwhelmed by such an awesome surprise of love! Thank you babes...... I know you're reading this....... cause you're missing us just as much as we are missing you............... Hey?

Kisses for MrGee
Hugs for the rest of you!

There's nothing new under the sun!

Have a pearler of a weekend!

Hugs Fee


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wedding Memories!

Today I created an album on my FaceBook account. I uploaded some wedding pics from the year 1994! Yes-sirree-bob...... That beautiful day when MrGee and I exchanged our wedding vows! I wanted to cry when I saw how thin and wrinkle free I was!

I thought I'd share them with you...............................SOOOOO here's proof that I was once thin!!!!

...................... And that MrGee had a head full of hair! teehee
It is SO therapeutic to revisit good times in ones life!

Hugs 0000000 Fee

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just for fun!

Oh my.... I'm not American but I think us SOuth Africans call a College...... a Technikon. At our Technikons you don't get a degree, you get a diploma.
cash advance

Get a Cash Advance

mmmmmmm...... well this sounds right, I always did battle a little with languages! If I could have done Maths all day long, school would have been a much happier place!

Love Fee



Monday, November 12, 2007

Nomination time.

Yip...... it seemed like only yesterday, we had these awards......... but they're here again!
You have till Sat 17 Nov to nominate your favourite Homeschool Blog.
There are quite a few categories............
So click on the pic above, and have your say!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gold Reef City Fun!

Hubby arrived home from work on Saturday afternoon, and decided to take us away for the night! He let me decide where we should go.

I knew exactly where we would all have a blast! Gold Reef City, an historical amusement/theme park in the heart of Johannesburg.

The boys were totally impressed.... they got there own room and watched cartoons till 11pm and ordered room service!

Johannesburg is the source of a large-scale gold and diamond trade.European settlement happened in the 1880s, when gold was discovered in the region, triggering a gold rush. So all around Johannesburg you see these huge mine dumps. They are yellow-ish in colour, because they have small traces of gold in the sand. Due to better methods of mining, these mounds are now being re-sifted.

Gold Reef City is a replica of a Johannesburg Gold mining town from the 1880's. It is so pretty! The buildings reflect Late Victorian Architecture, and look very authentic.

I found the scenery very romantic. In fact as we dined, a horse and cart drove past carrying newly weds!

The boys enjoyed the rides! WizzKid is definitely NOT a lover of heights and speed, BUT, he forced himself to go on this ride.....

You did well my son!

CoolDude is a maniac when it comes to rides! He would have gone on everything! Unfortunately they had height restrictions!But he did go on a VERY wild rollercoaster ride with Dad.......

TanziPanzi and I made candles............................

and looked at all the quaint little shops. We kept our feet firmly on the ground, and didn't attempt any of the rides!

We're such ninnys!

Hugs Fee



Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Birthday celebrations!

MrGee(previously known as Hubby!) turned 39 today!
I have known this special man since I was 16. I remember him hitting on me way back then, even though I was in another relationship! So glad he never gave up on me!
After a few terribly sad years in the clubbing/pubbing scene, this man took me too church and helped me get my life back on track. He was such a good influence in my life.
We survived a baby in the first year of marriage!
We left family, and moved to another part of the country.
We have moved 9 times in 13 years of marriage!
We have recovered from a bankruptcy(2001)together.

MrGee I admire your tenacity, ambition, strength and positive attitude! You balance me beautifully!
We celebrated MrGee's special day last night!
CoolDude made the card!
WizzKid did the Braaing!
I wrapped the pressies. WizzKid ate the display!
TanziPanzi told Daddy what was inside the wrappings!
The boys decorated the table in red and blue because MrGee is leaving(in 7 days) for his first trip to the USA.
Happy Birthday MrGee/Daddy-O!
We love you so much!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

You will relate!

Where there's a will there's a way!

WizzKid is desperate for a PS3. In S.Africa it costs about R6000-00($1000+).
Hubby told WizzKid he could get one if he saved up the money! I thought WizzKid would forget about the PS3 when he heard this, but it made him even more determined to get one!

WizzKid hatched a plan......... he would auction his PS2 console and many of his PS2 games on a local website called Bid or Buy. Being the conservative sales person, I was worried he might not get any bids and be filled with disapointment. Well, within a week he had sold R2400-00($400+) at auction! The next week he sold 4 second hand computers to our Gardener's son who is setting up a small computer school. He made R1600($270+).
This guys on a mission!......

CoolDude climbed on the bandwagon and suggested selling the oddest of items! I got the feeling he might even consider auctioning me off!
He managed to sell quite a few PSP and PS2 games, and yesterday he was able to buy himself the Samsung E250 phone. He was thrilled!

And TanziPanzi didn't have to sell anything to get anything.... she whispered sweetly into Daddy's ear "I'd love a Cinderella Barbie." and her wish was granted! Easy as that.

Love Fifi