Monday, December 28, 2009

Miss Tanzi was in her element!

Ever since MrGee took Miss Tanzi to the Montecasino Bird Park at the age of two, this place has become a firm favourite of hers!!!! She is all smiles and giggles from start to finish..........

She loves the banter of the Macaws,the beauty of the Toucans, the scurry of the meerkats and the gracefulness of the 'Mingos'(Flamingos). I definitely get my kicks out of watching her engage with these beautiful creatures! It's the privelidge of a parent ...... for sure!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have a Blessed Christmas........

I am so looking forward to having Christmas at our house again. For many years we were wonderfully accommodated by family members, but this will be the second year that we host Christmas. It's a bring and share event so my whole family pitch in .... it makes it a lot less stressful on me!...whew...

We had planned to spend Christmas in Jozi, but as you may know Mrgee had surgery so we decided to stay put! Although ...... on the 26th Dec we will sojourn our way up to Jozi(Johannesburg) to get our fill of vibrancy!!(Yip, we are city slickers at heart!) I am as excited as the kids to see our old stomping ground!

So to all my wonderful bloggy friends who keep me motivated and grounded .... thank you for sharing your life with me ...... have a blessed Christmas.
Love Fifi

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last social of the year.

Yip....... WizzKid had another social. It was his third this year, and everyone seemed to have a ball! MrGee always encourages the boys to be leaders amongst their friends, so WizzKid has tried to make sure that his good friends from grade 7 (last year) meet regularly. He also arranges for his group to go to youth every Friday. Sometimes he gets frustrated that his friends don't take the initiative and organise stuff. But we keep reminding him that that's what leaders do, they organise,motivate and make things happen!

(Typical......... boy's showing off .... trying to impress the girls... who are more interested in posing for pics!)

WizzKid is turning into a fine young man who has surrounded himself with like-minded friends.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twist an' turn.... life is a changing..........

This pic was taken 3 weeks ago.......................................

Today MrGee's vascular surgeon told him that he looked too healthy to have kidney failure! Oh-yeh... I agree.... this 41 year old (who is starting dialysis tomorrow morn) looks in blooming good shape!!!! hehe ........ I believe it's his good mental state, people's ardent prayers and God's grace that are sustaining him. Thank you Jesus.

MrGee had the fistula procedure done in his wrist today.Because his creatinine levels have sky rocketed and the fistula will only be ready for use in 6-8 weeks, they had to do an emergency neck catheter so that he can start dialysis tomorrow. Once the fistula is mature(6-8 weeks), they will dialysise through the veins/artuaries in his arm twice a week.

I phoned him this evening, and he said he was in pain and that the nurses had just administered another dose of heavy pain killers.

keep ya posted ......

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bitter sweet news.

....... yes.... mmmm , it is with a sad heart that I release my boys into the private schooling sector. We have enjoyed 4 beautiful years of learning together.... every moment has been such a blessing. I would have loved to continue with home-ed , but I feel that I need to sacrifice this area of my life to save another very important area of my life...........

I will keep you all posted.........

Saturday, December 5, 2009

She likes the blondies!

Miss Tanzi's first little 'crush'..... Keagan, the boy next door.

Miss Tanzi's second 'crush'.........Conner, a boy in her class.

He told his mom...."Tanzi and I are going to get married when we are big. We will have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl!"
He's got it all planned and Miss Tanzi seems quite happy to dream along with him!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tough times........

A family member recently said........ " You make out on your blog that your life is so peachy and that every thing is perfect between you and MrGee!"
Well, I suppose I have always wanted my blog to be a positive and upbeat journal of the wonderful memories we have created....stuff that we can laugh about and look back on with happy hearts! But in reality ....... hard times do happen ....... and at the moment, MrGee and I are battling in our relationship. I do not want to go into any details, but what I will say is that neither of us have been unfaithful.
With that said........... I drove up to my parents place last Sunday(the day after my 40th family bash) with a VERY heavy heart. I packed Miss Tanzi in the car and drove the 50 minutes to Howick at 9 o clock in the evening! MrGee and I were fighting dirty/mud slinging so I decided to remove myself from the battle zone before anything else happened that we would really regret!

On the second day of being away I was sent this email from my Mozambican gardener ......"Hi fee its me paul.we miss u here at home.have good one we see u soon thanks.god bless u."

I only received this message when I returned home 3 days later ......... it made me cry like a baby ..... someone cared...... isn't that so dear of him?

Please pray .......