Monday, March 26, 2007

My Home Town

Through my blogging friends, I have learnt so much about America, Asia, Australia and other parts of the world. The terrain, living conditions and customs may be different, but the people are generally the same!
So, I have decided to give you little snippets here and there of our life in this uniquely -sort of -third world country........... South Africa! I love it here!
To start I thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to Durban.... where I was born, and where I lived for 29 years!
Below is the entrance to Durban's Harbour......................

Below: we have some of the hotels along the main stretch of beach... called North Beach. Durban's weather is always warm...... on the odd occassion you would need a jersey!

Below: Durban at night!

Below: Typical old Durban houses.

Below: The interiors of many Durban homes reflect an old world colonial feel. Authentic wooden strip flooring, and stand alone victorian baths are quite common in older houses!

Durban is the third largest city in S.Africa. Like most coastal cities it has a more laid back atmosphere. So that's my home town where most of my family still live!

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour
love Fee

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Traumatised Tanzi!

A couple of weeks back I posted on how TanziPanzi was battling with her new playgroup. She was going to a mornings only group for 2-4 year olds. The reason I decided to put her in a playgroup, was mainly for the boys and my benefit. She is EXTREMELY demanding, so I thought if she attended this group, we would at least get 4 good schooling hours free of her distractions! And of course I justified my actions with...... 'she'll make a few new friends!'

After 8 weeks of tears, the teacher called me and said " I just don't think she is going to settle, she is still way to attached to you!" Apparently she would repeat over and over again," I need to go home, I need to sit on my mommy's lap."
So I brought her home.... and she entered our learning zone!.............................

she has been schooling with us for the last 3 weeks. She is starting to fit in well, but I think I might employ a student to come over twice a week to do creative stuff with her.
It dawned on me last week that she was probably upset with the fact that her brothers were getting to be with Mom while she was being shunted off to playgroup!!!! Clever little chilly pip!

Well, here she is taking part in our school day........

The teacher of her ex playgroup said she is SO strong in her mind and knows EXACTLY what she wants............. and so she got it, it seems!!!( Not always a bad thing!) But I am happy too!
Love Fiona

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Homeschool Blog Awards

Something exciting is around the corner....... the Homeschool Blog Awards, and all of you homeschoolers are invited and encouraged to take part in it.

Go check it out and spread the word!

love Fee

Friday, March 23, 2007

Fun and Games!

A couple of nights ago Hubby brought home a very smart Bingo set. I am a lover of games but Bingo just ain't one of them! All you need is luck to win in Bingo ........ I prefer games that require a little more skill! So I visited Toy Zone to find us a fun family game for tonight. I got this.................... SMART MOUTH

I liked the description....... " The quick thinking, shout it out word game".
I'll let you know how it went!

Have a great weekend

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pure Fun

Yip, we do work hard, but we play hard too!

Here's the proof.

The boys love their rough and tumble times! Why it has to be on top of a table is beyond me!

Love Fee

Creative Expression

This week the boys were commisioned(teehee) by moi to write a rhyming poem. For CoolDude this was his first time. So what I did , was I told him to come up with a line, then I told him to write down all the words that rhymed with the last word on that line. I then asked him to write a follow on sentence that ended with that rhyming word.
And Voila..... I was blown away! (of course his spelling wasn't this perfect!)


O how I would love to drive that fast car
you should see it drive quickly over the tar.
When I wish upon a star
I wish it was that really cool car!
I will buy a Porsche when I am rich
it may go so fast I'll get a stitch.
It will hit bugs because it goes so fast
and I don't think the screen will last!
Then my next car will be a Dodge Viper
They'll give me a guarantee for the wipers.
But now I am just eight years old
by the time I get big it will be sold!

By CoolDude- 8,5 years

WizzKid was asked to write on Autumn. I think he did pretty well! To read more of their creative exercises go here.


The trees have all turned gold
and so summer grows cold.
They are all losing their leaves
and winter grows near says the breeze.
I walk over leaves that crack
and then suddenly WHACK!
A tree has fallen over
and crushed nearby clover.
Why is it that summer has an end?
Sometimes it sends me round the bend!
Outside things seem mildly cold
everything is starting to look old.
Bolder and bolder Autumn becomes
sometimes I am bored enough to twiddle my thumbs.
But there's one thought that makes me sing
here's what it is....... spring, spring SPRING!

by WizzKid - 11 years

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Six

KC of Mindless Chatter of a Busy Mom had this on her blog. I thought it would be fun to ask TanziPanzi these questions. She is just 2 and a half years young!

1. What colors make the color green?
Ahhh..... CoolDude(her brother) can make green! I'm too young!

2. Are you Irish?
Yup........ what "Iwish?" You're funny mom!

3. Do you eat green M&Ms?
Yeh.... too much of them!

4. Name some things that are the color green!
The worm outside...... but it dead now and it went brown.

5. Did your parents celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
Yup, but my Dad is not called Patrick!

6. Did St. Patrick have a wife? If so, what is her name?
Yup, she called Paris!(she has a friend called Paris..... poor girl!)

Love Fee

Saturday, March 17, 2007

This was fun!

Princess of bloggerland!

Tis Saturday afternoon and the house is oh so quiet! This is a rare occasion.
I dropped the boys off at a party and Hubby has taken TanziPanzi to the Bird Park...... her favourite thing to do with Daddy. Although...... last time she returned home distraught and crying her little eyes out! A toucan had nipped her fingers!
I had decided I would finish reading" A Child called It" by Dave Pelser. I am SO enjoying this true story. But as I lay down on the couch, I felt a 'pull towards the computer' and excitement overwhelmed me! It dawned on me that I was free to blog without interruptions! Usually, as I sit down to enjoy my daily blog update, I will hear a little voice in my ear saying " I'm hungry", "I need a wee-wee" , "Pease do a puzzle with me?", " Come see what I made!"
Now who would pass up this opportunity....... so book aside, I sit happily writing this post, and catching up on all my blogger buddies!
This week WizzKid handed me the crown and named me "Princess of Bloggerland!"

Love Fee

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My beloved country!

I am fed up!
It seems a whole lot of people have had enough of the crime in this beautiful country of mine! It's happening all around us and the government has the "head in the sand" attitude, and continues to believe we do not have a problem. I mean please, we have babies as young as 9mths being rap*d! The Sangoma's( witch doctors) tell their ignorant clients, that if they have s*x with a virg*n, they will be cured of aids! When I hear of little kids being abused it causes everything within me to rise up and take action! Our church has had a prayer meeting, and is preparing to march in the streets with other like-minded churches!
I get so angry......... (righteous?maybe.....maybe not!), but then I hear the words of Reynard Bonke(a great evangelist) echoing in my head.... "AFRICA WILL BE SAVED!"
These words have a calming effect on me, and ignite hope in me for my family and country!
Love Fee

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My wonderful weekend!

My favourite exhibition was on this weekend, and I got to go twice!
On Friday I cancelled school (except for the weekly tests) and took the boys to the Hobby X show. They were over the moon that school was not happening, and even more jubilant when Dad gave them each a generous amount of money to spend on whatever caught their fancy! They found remote control cars that they could modify and speed up and I bought a beautiful quilting project to make for TanziPanzi's bed. The last time I quilted I was we'll see how it goes!
When I got home that night Hubby surprised me! I had been chatting about all the wonderful things I had seen, and he said "Well why don't you take X amount of money and go get yourself some!" I did the dance of joy!
So Saturday morning I arranged for Nelly, my domestic helper, to stay for the morning and look after Tanzipnazi........ and I went shopping! !!
I got a mosaic project, another quilting project, a decoupage project, scrap booking supplies, some necessary tools and this fabric painting project that I completed today!
It's a pillow for TanziPanzi..................

The very proud owner...................................... overdoing the smile a tad!!!!!

I had FUN! Love Fiona

Friday, March 9, 2007

WizzKid's Liberty fun!

This year we are studying American History. Being non-Americans, we are finding it all so new and exciting! The other day in history class, we learnt the song "America". WizKid showed off his patriotism by jumping on the table and posing as The Statue of Liberty!........ I couldn't resist asking him to hold the pose while I grabbed the camera.

He made me promise to mention that he is not in the habit of wearing girlie pink crowns!!!

Love Fiona

Monday, March 5, 2007

If it works....... do it again!

I'm into rewarding my kids for work well done! I do not have a de-merit system, where they lose privileges. When my eldest(WizzKid) was 3 I posted a chart on his wall to record the nights he slept successfully in his OWN bed! Once he had obtained 5 'Poo bear 'stickers on his chart he was allowed to choose an ice-cream at the corner shop! That first night, and from then on , he was a boy on a mission!!!!! He wanted that Ice-cream SO BAD that he was willing to deal with his fear of being alone. It worked!

Many years on, I am still a firm believer in 'Rewarding' my kids.
On Monday I presented a challenge(reward system) to my boys. I told them, I was looking for........
  • 100% on their weekly spelling tests
  • weekly bible scripture to be known off by heart

  • 80% or above to be obtained in their maths tests

  • Beautiful work!

I picked areas that I felt needed working on. Everytime they acheive in any of these areas they earn a sticker on the chart...........................

Once they have 10 stickers, they are allowed a dip in the TREASURE BOX! I showed them the rewards, and they were thrilled!

Which boy wouldn't accept a challenge when the 'stakes' are this high?

Love Fee

Friday, March 2, 2007

Caught in the act!

A-Ha! Busted!

This was a first for my Dad, and the result proved it was too! TanziPanzi kept saying, "That not right, that not cool!", as Grampy painted more of her fingers than the actual nail!

She came to me in the kitchen and said " Look Mamma, Grampa make it ugly!"

Sorry Dad......... you have giftings, but painting pretty pink nails ain't one of them! (I suppose if it was I might be a little concerned!)

Love Fee

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Her first Card...... a success!

My Dad is staying with us for the next 3 nights! He is a very energetic grandpa..... so we all enjoyed a good 45 minutes on the tennis court before supper! HE IS GOOD! We ran for our money!..... or maybe dinner!!!
Earlier on, Grandpa sat by and watched TanziPanzi and I make a Birthday Card..............

Okay, so I did the cutting, but she did all the glueing and glittering!.She managed to grab the scissors on numerous occasions!!She is very scissor happy!!!!!

Love Fee