Thursday, July 25, 2013

WizzKid turns EIGHTEEN!

"To My son....   18 wonderful years have come and gone.... it has been a blessing being your mom. I admire you for the perseverance and consistency you have had with your studies. You have astounded me with your focus and determination. Well Done! I believe there is a bright future awaiting you. Thank you for being an amazing role model for CoolDude and Tanzi. I pray Gal 5:23-25 over you, the fruits of the spirit. Love, joy, peace,goodness,kindness,faithfulness,long suffering,self-control and patience and more patience and then a tad more.(hehehe) I love you. xx Lots of choc and coke Momzilla."

We tried to trick him and wrapped up a big box that contained an apple and a Big Mac Burger box.

WizzKid was rather relieved once he was holding his Macbook.......
"Dear WizzKid I love you because you make me happy, you play with me and you are funny! I know we had some rough times .... like you kneed me in the chin and elbowed me in the hip. Still you are awesome!! Love Miss Tanzi"

"Dear WizzKid.... first of all its kind of hard to believe that you can drink and drive now! Just don't attempt both at the same time! Anyway you're an awesome brother and I am extremely grateful you don't threaten to hit me or swear at me like most other brothers do. I hope that one day I can achieve the goals for myself like you have done for yourself! Love CoolDude."

"Dear WizzKid....where ever life takes you I am here for you, you will never be alone. I am always here to listen.... unless you need a loan! (pulling your leg) I will love you forever Dada."

My Scotty is all grown up!