Friday, April 29, 2011

FaceBook Friday

~ had such a beautiful Easter Sunday with family. Such a special time.
~ I've got my hat for the Royal Wedding.
~ the whole fam is looking at old photos ...... feeling very nostalgic.
~ off to the dam....come on sun!
~ O.7 kg off
~ Lady Felicity Stella-Darter and Lady Phyllis Tabitha-Glengrove....
~ my deelish hubby is making din-dins.... spagetti alla boydo.
~ Dressed for the wedding ..... Hat an' all. Miss Tanzi says "Princess Diana is still the prettiest. "
~ Griselda and Rusputia ..... what were they thinking ... or not.

Ladys for a day.

I hadn't been counting down the days till the Royal Wedding but 5 days before the special occasion I decided it was a good enough reason to get together with a couple of close friends and have some girlie fun. And that's exactly what we did. Hat's all round, cucumber sarmies, Earl Grey Tea and cream scones were the order of the day.

In true girlie form we criticised attire, applauded style and nibbled continuously! What more could a gal wish for..... oh yes..... a romantic, smoochy kiss.

No such luck - protocol prevailed!

Friday, April 22, 2011

FaceBook Friday

~ Off to wish Jared a GREAT Matric dance!
~ emotionally spent.
~ After 11 hours of sleep I feel much better.
~ oh dear ..... Codey's Feather Duster Worm has just shot it's head off!
~ So tired..... Need my bed.
~ My daughter can read at last!!!
~ Codey and Tanna are making homemade hamburgers for din-dins.

~ Down 2.3kg
~ Tanzi and I are off to buy Easter table decor.
~ chilling with my man ...... movie time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Special friend.

It's a sad day for Miss Tanzi, as her very best friend, Tayla, leaves this week for Australia. Tayla's dad has been offered a teaching position overseas and her family are happy to be relocating to broader horizons.

This is the second of Miss Tanzi's close friends who have moved overseas. Tayla and Miss Tanzi have managed to squeeze in as many play dates as possible before their seperation and I do know that lil' miss Tayla will always hold a very dear place in Miss Tanzi's and my heart.

Friday, April 15, 2011

FaceBook Friday

~ WizzKid: " If I could marry a car it would be this one."

~ Sandton boots!

~ Driving kids mad with ABBA playing in the car!
~ back to school today... up bright and early trying to psych myself up!
~ Miss Tanzi: Something's missing in my life.
Me: What my sweetie?
Miss Tanzi: Dad
~ so tired ..... going to hit the sack early tonight. good night all.
~ Today is the day! A person without self control is like a city with broken-down walls!
~ HOMEMADE chicken and vegie pie for dinner. WizzKids' wish granted!

Friday, April 8, 2011

FaceBook Friday

~ there is something very special about dolphins. We all enjoyed the show
~ going out to dinner with my favourite people!
~ Kid-less and fancy free!
~ one can never totally stand in another's shoes..... we can only try and understand.
~ haha.... the pool service guy thought Jamie was my husband!
~ packing the car for Jozi.... my old stomping ground.
~ The boys have been so good on the way to Jo'burg! I'll going to buy Codey a gun and Jamie a guitar!! They deserve it.(Cooldude hi-jacked my phone and wrote this!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

FaceBook Friday

~ packing for MudMan at Midmar tomorrow. hope it doesn't rain!
~ being a little rebelious tonight ... I'm not switching the electricity off for earth hour!
~ oh my word..... mudman was a bit stressful. Both boys forgot their cycle helmets... Jamie only realised after he had come out of the water and was in the transition area and then bailed out .... and Codey decided to just take someone else's helmet and he completed the event.
~ watching 'The Last Song' with the kids.
~ So nice to hear via a third party that the boys think I'm a 'fun mom'.
~ i'm so over this term.... bring on break up day.
~ maths maths maths..... had dreams numbers were chasing me last night.