Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Read all about it!"

WizzKid's History challenge for the last three weeks has been to "publish" a newspaper. The format of the paper could be modern, but the content had to be about life in the Americas during the mid-18th Century. I did hear a few ..... "This is ALOT of work Mom!" and "Finding the right info is really hard!"

WizzKid sourced all the info and wrote all the articles. He included News, Entertainment, Sport, Classifieds, Weather, Obituaries and Cartoons. When it was all done WizzKid said he had enjoyed the whole process but was glad it was complete! Hope you all enjoy his first publication!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Great family time.

We had an awesome time on Sunday. The sun shone bright .... the whole day!!
This is not the norm for the village we live in. Even MrGee was on form after a serious bout of gastric flu. I think the sun cheered him up beautifully and he quickly got in touch with his mischievious side ........
MrGee and WizzKid battled to grab CoolDude, ...... eventually they managed to throw him in the pool!
I made Yorkshire Pudding ..... CoolDude was the only one to see a face! After great time in the sun, we feasted upon roast lamb, roast potatoes, vegetable bake and yorkshire pudding!

Afterwards we all watched a movie .............. I fell asleep ............... of course!

After a wonderful family day , I decided to go to church..... so I visited Hillside church for the first time. Miss Tanzi and I loved it! The praise and worship was good! It was such a blessing to see Miss Tanzi praising the Lord with her arms stretched high.

Have a blessed week.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Forgetful John!

Wizzkid and I were stymied with a particular maths problem. I had the answer workbook, BUT I was determined not to look at it!

The question was .......

"John spent $24 of his savings on a watch and 1 fifth of the remainder on a T- shirt. He still had 2 thirds of his savings left. How much was his savings at first?"

WizzKid and I were perplexed!

After much deliberation ..... Wizzkid turned to me and said "Gees-man , John should have kept his flippin' receipt!!!" ...... we laughed and laughed!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today, I am the very happy owner of a Sony Vaio Notebook (straight out of the box!). It's beautiful, it's red and it's mine!
. Image7
(Picture taken by motion eye on the notebook!)
Thanks Babes ....... You have spoilt me terribly ..... but in a beautiful way!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Creating together !

This last weekend Miss Tanzi and I had a few wonderful creative hours together. MrGee took the boys out for the day, and us girls took a trip to the craft shop. Tanzi chose to make a cross and I decided to mosaic her existing mirror.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Goeie More" ...... Good Morning!

A couple of my cyber buddies have asked to hear what "Afrikaans" sounds like. Afrikaans is STILL our secound language in South Africa .... it sounds alot like the Dutch language with a slight Germanic influence.

CoolDude has quite a good Afrikaans accent for an English boy!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Healthy competition.

WizzKid has loved swimming for the past 3 years. He has remained focused and committed, training a minimum of 10 hours, (sometimes 14 hours ) a week.
CoolDude, on the other hand, has not enjoyed swimming for the past year. But MrGee and I have felt to keep him at it. He suffers from Sever's Disease (it sounds worse than it really is!) and swimming is the ideal sport for this condition. He also has large, flat feet, and a very natural breastroke style which are both indications that he just might excel in the water!

About 2 months ago CoolDude came to me and said " Mom I LOVE swimming!" Boy was I surprised. After watching a few of his training sessions I realised that the competition bug had got a hold of him. In his mind he was no longer swimming endless lengths of the pool, but he was now SWIMMING TO WIN ! I noticed it in the way he looked at his opponent in the adjacent lane.
You might be wondering why I have displayed pics of the boys bods? Well this competition in the water, has started a war at home! Both boys are dilligently working on their 6 packs.They are determined to be more defined then the other!


Monday, March 9, 2009

I blubbered like a baby!

On Sunday morning MrGee went to church, and I watched the movie FireProof. I realise that this movie possibly was released on DVD in the U.S many moons ago, but for us in S.A it's considered a new release.

What a powerful message this movie packs! I honestly howled like a baby when Caleb knelt at Catherine's bed and asked for her forgiveness. The kids and one of their friends came running to see if I was injured! I explained to Miss Tanzi that I was crying because I felt good inside. Her expression was one of bewilderment as she tried to make sense of the combination of my leaking eyes and happy heart!

I was SO blessed by this movie and will watch it again ...... and again !


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Midmar Mile result.

WizzKid swam the Midmar Mile a month ago.Today the pics and final results were emailed to us. He did SO well ! Out of the 3110 swimmers in his event , he came 89 th !!!! It was a mixed age event ..... so he swam against men and women of ALL ages!


This was WizzKid's first Midmar mile but I am sure that as long as we stay in this country we will take part in this event EVERY year ! MrGee said he wants to enter next year. I really hope he doesn't enter us as a family ...... yikes !


Sunday, March 1, 2009