Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miss Tanzi's Easter Party.

She knew exactly how the day should unfold.....

..... I think I'll add events co-ordinator to her list of abilities!
(Niamh,Tanzi,Amy and Erin)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mr Piano Man

Six years ago Grandpa Boom gave us a keyboard that he had been blessed with a couple of years before. I remember him saying that he heard the Lord tell him to pass it onto us.

For most of our married life,MrGee and I have had a piano.....So why would the Lord want us to have a keyboard? Initially we all had fun making airplane, machine gun and animal sounds on it but then the novelty wore off.
In 2008 we moved from Johannesburg to Hillcrest. The kids each got their own rooms and WizzKid decided he wanted the keyboard in his. He just started playing about on it, trying to figure out songs that he heard on the radio. Often I'd hear him playing late into the night. After five years of 'tinkling about' without one lesson he is able to play beautifully and he's almost completed his first composition .... it's brilliant!

Thank you Grabdpa Boom for being obedient to the spirit's prompting.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Family update

So this is what's happening in our lives at the mo.....

MrGee is doing so well. He is managing his weight.... something the doctors said he would battle with because the steroids and cortisone he has to take make him ravenous! He is still travelling up to Johannesburg every week(a 6 hr drive) for business. Vault-IT is growing even though he has had to diversify his business due to Google making off-site storage a free service. But as I've seen in the any years we've been together MrGee always makes a plan. So although we are watching what we spend we are doing alright.

WizzKid is in his last year of school and is battling to decide between studying a BSc in Computer Science or Microbiology. At one stage he had thought of getting a swimming bursary and studying overseas, but he told us he doesn't have the desire to swim another 5 years after school. In a way I'm glad as the thought of him moving to the USA scared this momma! He is driving like a pro and hopes to get his license in the latter half of this year. We have told him that he needs to save R20 000(about $2500) towards a car and then we will put in the rest. He is working furiously at getting this amount. He also has a girl that he is about to ask out.... eek! This is definitely an exciting chapter in his life.

CoolDude is in grade 9 and loving Waterfall College.After 7 years of homeschooling this small school has been an absolute blessing to us all. I LOVED the years I had teaching my boy, but I felt,due to our similiar personalities, he needed to be taught by someone else so that I could just be MOM!.... I am a bit sad that he has chosen to stop swimming as he has SUCH potential in that field bt he told us he hates it and that it makes him depressed knowing that every day he has to finish off with 2 hours of swimming. He is a much happier boy these days.

Miss Tanzi and I are having fun learning together. We are doing Sonlights condensed World History for her Grade 3 year. She is coming along beautifully with her singing and is proving to be a natural butterfly swimmer. I'm so happy for her that she has made friends with a couple of girls in our complex and enjoys making cookies with them and selling to the neighbours.

I am back into my walking and pilates.... boy am I unfit and stiff jointed! My mosaicing has taken a bit of a backseat as I've been sorting out the lounge and rearranging things. I'm having fun revamping old picture frames. MrGee and I are in our third month of marriage counselling and things are coming along really well in our relationship. This year I've decided to serve at Childrens Church and I'm enjoying building relationships with the 10-11 year old girls.

Love Fifi x


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ten Months!

Today we celebrate the 10th month since MrGee's kidney transplant.

We are so grateful to God for renewed energy in my hubby's body and for the restoration of family life. Although we were happy that MrGee responded so well to dialysis,being hooked up to a machine 5-6 times a week really cuts into family time.

So good to have you around more MrGee!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Worth the trouble.

Three years ago we had a water pipe leak in our kitchen that caused our parque flooring to 'pop up' in some areas.Initially our insurance was not willing to pay for it.... but after a little pressure they conceded.
So.... on the 18th March the sanding began......
 after one day of sanding, and one day of varnishing the job was done.We just had to stay off the floors for the following day and then the kiddies had some fun.......
 oh and Fanta.... he got to turn the dial for Twister!
So glad to be getting our lounge back after THREE weeks! Yip.... the insurance company just forgot to move us back in. All fixed now, and looking beautiful! So worth the wait and fuss.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

He's COOL....

I just LOVE this pic..... and I love even more what's happened in Cooldude and Miss Tanzi's relationship.

You see... they used to rub each other up the wrong way. Cooldude would enjoy teasing Miss Tanzi, and she would react with a nasty,cutting remark.

I believe the relationship between siblings has alot to do with how the eldest deals with the issue. The eldest is more mature and able to restrain him/herself when their 'fruit' wants to explode off the tree!

And.... Cooldude has really been instrumental in turning this volatile relationship into something very sweet.

I'm very proud of you Cooldude..... well done!