Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's in the genes.

Back in her years my Gran built walls, gardened and supplied markets with uniquely knitted and crotchet'd goodies. She also made a mean roast with Yorkshire puddings most Sundays! Although she wasn't a 'huggy' ,lovable type of person we always had fun with her. She made the collecting of garden snails exciting and the piecing of jigsaw puzzles an amazing challenge.
Like my gran, ..... I love to create with my hands and have tried almost every craft. Six years ago I created my first mosaic(a purple cross) and fell in love with this craft.
Today..... I dropped off 43 mosaics at my friend's house. Illana is an artist, and is holding an OPEN WEEK at her house.She is displaying about 50 sellers merchandise. I'm SO excited and really hope people like my goodies!