Sunday, November 29, 2009

A poem written by my dear Mom for my 40th B-Day

Memories of Fiona

No rose by any other name could be as sweet as Fee
And Fee's the sweetest thing to us that anyone could be.
Forty years have come and gone- they're neither here nor there
Because her soul remains the same- so fragrant and so fair.

We have so many memories of Fee-Fee through the years
And many words we often use because they once were hers
Like "Sparking spot" and "Bommie" and even "Flutterby"
Her dresses hung on "Hangcoats" and "I'm Hirsty!" was her cry.

When Fee-Fee smiled, her dimpled cheeks flashed messages of charm
"I'm gorgeous and I'm darling and your hearts I will disarm",
Her long and sultry eyelashes wooed all the passerby
They'd say, "Her eyes are stunning", and in admiration sigh.

Folks gave her many sweeties and she smiled and chortled too
And if she really liked you, she would share a kiss with you.
Dear Fee-Fee was OUR daughter and we cherished her with care!
And loved to have her in OUR arms and keep her very near.

Now Fee-Fee is a soul mate, a mother and a friend,
Her passion lies in giving love to others without end,
She took her wisdom with her but we thank the Lord above
That she left us with the memories and the treasure of her love.

Thanks Mom..... you will never know how much this touched my heart ........... I love you so much. xx

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

!!!! Fifi's Finally Forty !!!!

Boy oh boy .... when I was 16 I thought THIRTY was really old. Now that I have hit the BIG 4-0 I feel wiser and more fulfilled than ever before. I certainly don't feel forty and as long as I can avoid looking in the mirror or paging through old photo albums I will continue to feel 30.(hehe) Here's a bit of good news for all us forty-something-ers ..... they say that "Forty is the new thirty!"

I didn't do anything major on my special day although I had toyed with the idea of having a big bash. I even come up with a theme. The theme of the party would be to come dressed as anything beginning with 'F'. (because my name is Fifi) I even had my dress sorted .... I would be the "Fat lady" and end the evening with a song .... 'cause the show ain't over til the Fat Lady sings! Needless to say I chickened out so Fifi the Fat Lady didn't get her Fifteen minutes of Fame! hehe

MrGee congratulated me with a ..... "Mmm Fifi, well done for making it to forty!" ...... I'm was not too sure how to take that one ??..... so I took it as a joke ..... ;)

I was spoilt rotten.... MrGee and the kids got me Coco Chanel's 'Madamoiselle' parfum and Tiery Mugler's 'Angel' parfum, ( yip, fragrances are my absolute best!) And......... a ....... clarinet ! I am so excited to learn this instrument. I've booked lessons from January but for now MrGee and the kids are being very gracious about the hideous sounds emulating from my 'new baby'.

I'm having a big family luncheon at my house this Saturday. I can't wait to spend the afternoon with the people I love the most ..... my dear family!

(This post is a bit late ..... my birthday was on the 18th!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Get outta my face!"

WizzKid would never be so rude .... but the look just says it all!

Never before has any item of clothes or accessory meant SO much to WizzKid. Yip, this "hap"(which we aptly named) is a cross between a cap and a hat....... and it looks really cool. BUT besides looking cool, it covers a multitude of sins ...... that being unruly, wild, unbrushed hair!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The F- word !!!!

mmm..... lately I have had writer's block. It is so frustrating because I am desperate to blog and capture our memories but I feel I have nothing of significance to write about! Even my camera is in sulk mode as she has been neglected big time! WHY ? ...... Could I be going through a 'mid-blog' crisis? Is the 'bloggeymoon' period over? (I hope not) ...... nevertheless friends bear with me..... although I am extremely f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-e-d, I will keep at it ... hoping that my mojo will return sooner than later!!!!