Friday, November 26, 2010

FaceBook Friday

~ looking forward to a relaxing weekend...... for once!
~ watched Hairspray for the umpteenth time....... such a feel good musical!
~ I can't wait for break up day!
~ ladies night ...... well sort of!
~ i'm their no.1 fan ....... swim hard my boys!
~ feeling guilty as I hear Boyd stomp it out in the gym ......
~ just ordered next year's curriculum..... SONLIGHT all the way..... definitely the best!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Facebook Friday

~ feel like I'm getting ready for prom night!
~ tanna is belting out 'How do you solve a problem like Maria?' in her bedroom!
~ was wondering why I feel so tired ..... forgot to take my thyroid meds this morn!
~ my life is just the way I want it to be!
~ settling down for a movie with the fam and my favourite salad from Aubergine.

4 weeks of sickness

Oh my goodness ...... CoolDude has succumbed to the dreaded measles and he has it bad!
He has forbidden me to take any pics whilst he is in this delicate state.

ENOUGH NOW! Be gone sickness in the Most High's name!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Night out on the town ......

MrGee and I both 'birthday' in November! This year we decided to have a combined bash celebrating our belated 40th's. We invited 4 couples whom MrGee and I have known since we were in our early twenties.
We sipped on champers as the limos drove us to a private venue at The Oyster Box Hotel.
(the glass roof above us created some funny moments)
We had fine cuisine and wine.
Then we cranked up the music and had some laughs as we displayed our phenomenal dancing skills!!!

Happy Birthday to us!
Thanks dear friends for making it such a special evening!

Friday, November 12, 2010

FaceBook Friday- Statuses for the week

~spent a stunning morning at the beach with the fam.
~oh no ........ got another one down. Will this ever end?
~DO NOT book a holiday through Flight Centre ..... they are extrememly unhelpful!
~back AGAIN at the British Consulate ... getting visas for the kids.
~Miss Tanna(6) .... "I actually like designing now, it actually INSPIRES me."
~well, Codey has a serious case of Strep in his throat ..... so maybe he isn't coming down with measles after all!
~2 more sleeps until our night out on the town ..... can't wait!
~just watched The Sound of Music with my girlie!.... timeless
~feel like I'm getting ready for prom night!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vegies from our Garden

MrGee and Miss Tanzi are so chuffed with their first pickings........

You need to know that they had to wrestle a troupe of monkeys to get these!
( Not reallly.... these are the leftovers after the monkeys had their full!)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving creativity a chance to flourish.

Whenever one of my kids moan that they are bored ...... I calmly reply 'That's okay - it's alright to feel bored.' They eventually get the point that I will not be manipulated into being their wellspring of fun and entertainment and that THEY need to banish the boredom blues for themselves.
Above : Kitty Cat drinking
Above: Nutty Professor with moustache
The measles has kept Miss Tanzi housebound for the last 2 weeks. Although she has been quite active over the past few days the spots are still visible so she is not allowed back at preschool yet.
She came to me this afternoon with that classic line .... 'I'm sooooo bored.' I responded the way I always do and she took herself into the craft room and made herself two 'play masks'.
I believe that in our moments of boredom creativity has a chance to flourish!
Well Done Miss Tanzi ...... I love your creations!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday MrGee

MrGee turned 42 on the 7th. He wanted a quiet celebration .... so we went to the beach for breakfast and a beautiful walk along the promenade. It was such a stunning morning.
We got back home just after 1pm. Together we watched a funny movie and then MrGee wanted to try out his latest gadget.....' The Cobb'. This is a portable cooking device that one of his friends gave him for his birthday. The chicken was smoked and delicious!
"Happy Birthday my Babes .... I want to spend many more days laughing with you, reminiscing with you, taking on adventures with you, praying with you, dreaming with you …….. just being with you. I love you dearly and feel honored to be your closest friend. x Fiffi "
Next weekend MrGee and I are having a combined birthday celebration ..... it's sure to be a not-so-quiet evening ..... and will definitely deserve a blogpost.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

So exciting!

I met my first international blogging girlfriend this week... Cheryl. She was born in South Africa, but has lived in the USA for many many years. You can meet this lovely lady at Life's Journey.It was so strange how we connected ..... but I don't believe in coincidences ....... things DO happen for a reason. To think we started reading each others blogs about 2 years ago, and never knew that her niece was a local friend of mine .... who lived literally 2 kms down the road!

What a privilege to spend time with you even though it was short. You have a beautiful spirit Cheryl. Thank you SO much for upholding MrGee in prayer.
Could this be the start of something ........ which international blogger am I going to meet next?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Miss Tanzi has measles!

Mamma Fiffi had a girlie who was sick sick sick......
She prayed girlie would get better quick quick quick......

She gave her a bell to shake a-tick-tick- tick .....
What was Mamma thinking?.... was she thick thick thick?
After Miss Tanzi had high temps for 5 days the spots appeared. The Dr confirmed Measles. She has been out of sorts for 8 days now, but I can see she is on the mend as she has started to show me her latest karate moves, she is jabbering again and pieces of paper are being filled with her latest dress designs!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Facebook Friday.

Lately I have spent so much time on FaceBook that my blog has been sadly neglected. So I have decided to create a weekly blog post of my FaceBook statuses. For me it will be a great reminder of what was going on in our lives ..... it's all about MEMORIES!

28th Aug 2010 - Codey is having fish issues ....... 2 siameze fighters dead and a third on it's way out! I thought fish would be easy to keep.... huh?

- The perfect day ...... a visit to the hairdressers ....... lunch with a good friend ........ a little bit of retail therapy in the arvie.
- has a house full of boys .... such characters .... love it!
- Mothers disprove evolution ..... they still only have 2 hands!- quote by WizzKid
- great !! ...... I have gastritis and a kidney infection!
- School cancelled ....... off to movies for Cooldude's Birthday!
- ‎@gala..... And I get to timekeep..... Oh the joys!
- the house is quiet ...... everyone is at movies and I'm sipping on a sprizter. wonderful.
- catching up on marking.................
- so happy my boys love good music ..... and playing an instrument!
- spring cleaning ....... being ruthless!
- suddenly!....... my boys like being photographed.... whats up? hehe
- schools out ... praise the Lord!
- psyching myself up for this weekends swimming event!
- grace and forgiveness are beautiful virtues ......
- ‎5 off...... yeh baby!
- packing for a lil' sojourn to the vibey city of Jozi!
- got my first reading glasses today ..... this age thing is poofie!!
- I like it on the piano!
- as many times as I blink I think of you ...........
- we are a LOUD family ....... love it and wouldn't change it !
- can't believe it!...... my gardener was on my son's computer .... trying to access FaceBook and yahoo mail. Bit defender blocked 2 pages ....... should I confront him??
- this mining rescue has me all choked up!
- U2 coming to SA in Feb!
- Yes,Dad is the King ...... but Mommy is the Kingdom!
- Cooldude finished his Maths syllabus for the year with an exam mark of 85%!
‎- @ my favourite restaurant with a good friend!
- Read this morning ......'Motherhood is one of the rear professions in which we actually work ourselves out of a job!'
- Spending the evening on my own ....... me time..... blogging,chatting on skype .... sipping on a spritzer ... mmmm .... love-er-lee.
- Tanna lost her first tooth today! A VERY rich tooth mouse made a visit!
- there's gotta be more to life then chasing down every temporary high to satisy me .....
- had to make cheese sauce on the gas braai tonight .......
- skyping my son who is 5 metres away!!
- after 5 days of high temps the spots emerged today ... Tanna has measles! I've never seen her so sick.
- my girl has measles,bronchitus and conguntivitus! Please pray for her quick recovery.
- oh great .... I think Ange's geese have migrated to our pool!
- two signs my Tanzi is on the mend ..... 1. she is eating a little. 2. she hasn't stopped talking for the last 30 minutes! Thanx for all the prayers and get well wishes!
3 Nov 2010 - visa applications frustrating me ......... bllughh!