Monday, January 21, 2008

Curious George.......

A couple of days ago we had unusual visitors. Yip....... we had a couple of monkeys stroll into our home, and they were on the hunt for food! They did not seem to care that we were in the house, in fact they would not budge even when we tried to 'shoo' them away! We got TanziPanzi to scream really loud and that hurried them out.

They hopped up onto the kitchen counter, helped themselves to our bread rolls, and then left!
I managed to get this pic of one of them playing in our garden after he had finished his lunch.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Looking rather handsome.........

The boys have settled beautifully at their new school, Hillcrest Christian Academy. WizzKid is in Grade 7 and CoolDude is in Grade 4.
WizzKid is mortified that he has to wear this type of hat!!!! He loves to gel his hair and was shocked that gel is banned at the school!

Keeping it real and cool on the first day of school!
Hugs Fee


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our first Triathlon............

Moving out of a big city to a small town (the locals still call it 'the village') has been an exciting yet different experience for each member of our family.
For TanziPanzi it's been all about the beach! She loves the sea, but hates the sand in her costume.(Boy, do we have drama over this!)
CoolDude is just so excited to be starting a new school, getting a uniform and making new friends. He's our social bunny and quite the girl magnet, it seems.(Have to keep an eye on that!)
WizzKid is missing Johannesburg the most. Not only is he the splitting image of his Dad, but he also loves the city life like his dad!
Fee(that's me) is over the moon to be reconnecting with old friends and family. The 9 years in the city were good but I do feel a new chapter in my life is starting to unfold, and I am so ready for it!
MrGee commutes between Johannesburg and Hillcrest weekly.(An hour flight.) His Tuesday to Thursday's are spent in the big city, and he spends a more mellow time in Hillcrest from Friday to Monday. He is extremely happy to have the best of both worlds!! He loves the vibe and business activities a big city provides, but is also keen to encourage great family time that involves alot of outdoor activities.
So on that note, MrGee has got the boys involved in Triathlons.They did there first race last weekend. WizzKid did so well in the swim, but fell way back in the cycle and run. CoolDude surprised us. He is definately a late bloomer. He did okay in the swim, but gained alot of ground in the run to come first!!!!!.

Here are some pics from the day................
Hugs Fee

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It works every time!

Look at me!



Okay, so if you don't look my way I'm gonna cancel pudding!

Bribery....... an old method that NEVER loses it's power!

Hugs Fee


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Up down all round........

Having a gym at home is a wonderful thing. MrGee is such a sport! He gets the boys fired up and motivated. I must admit the boys are not always excited about working out, but MrGee manages to motivate them beautifully!!! Hubby makes sure he has some really good dance music and they all step it out to a good beat!

And of course....... TanziPanzi loves to join in!
CoolDude has amazed us the most......... his commitment to exercise has showed us another side to his character!!!
The one behind the camera just needs to be a little more commited! uh-hmmm

Hugs Fee

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

mmmmmmm..... what do I call this post?

Today I went to Waltons to get the boys their required stationary. Their new school starts on the 15th, but I wanted to get this over with before the mad rush began!
I could not believe I had to buy 8 Pritt/glue sticks for EACH of them!

I said to the teller.... "They'd better show me all the stuff they make with this load!"
breath... breath.......
I thought I would show you a few ways my kids have kept themselves occupied these hols.....
WizzKid dancing like a Leprechaun at his Wii.
CoolDude with his Blow pens......
Notice the bum helping with air pressure..... he said it worked better this way! Bounce.. bounce...bounce!
Tanzi desperate to open a nut for me......... "It so good Mama!"( yeah, like my derriere needs a load of nut fat deposited on it!) teehee
Love Fee
(to all my American friends.......I'm keeping an eye on Huckabee's progress!!!! I like him!)