Monday, February 25, 2013

3D Animal Cell

I remember when Cooldude did his first project .... he was in Grade 4. Previously he had been homeschooled, and we had no idea of the standard and what was expected of him. He did the best he could without any help from me. Well, when Cooldude got his mark he was horrified! I was also shocked when I saw the standard of the other projects. I realized that the kids MUST have had help from their parents to achieve such good results.It's sad, but you just gotta get with the program.....

So this time I helped him plan his Animal Cell...... and I made the nucleous! eish
HE GOT 100%

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Model in the making...

Miss Tanzi's list of what she wants to be when she's all grown up has been lengthened. She has tagged one more vocation onto the list of singer, clothes designer, praise and worship leader, actress,vet, Olympic swimmer...... She also wants to be a model.