Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Belated Valentines.............

I am SOOOO behind in posting about the events in our lives! Ever since Valentines day I have been wanting to share about our day of love! Flickr has been misbehaving..... so I am giving photobucket a try.
TanziPanzi and I made a Heart cake for her to take to school.

I think it turned out quite well.......

That night I decorated the table in red and white, and prepared a yummy roast lamb with roast potatoes and a vegie-bake. For desert, we had fresh strawberries and ice-cream in a sugar cone cup/bowl.

While we enjoyed this delicious meal( if I say so myself!) WizzKid endured a day of starvation at a survival camp. He came back 2 kilos lighter and is now a lover of fruit! Amazing how hunger can sort out food issues!

Love Fee


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am so dissapointed.........

What on earth is happening to my country!? Things are so out of control it's frightening!

Last week a bill was passed that allows little girls (aged 12-16) to legally have abortions without the knowledge or consent of a parent/guardian. It seems like the Bill was passed very quickly so that objections from the public would not be an issue. I am appalled .... for goodness sake..... a 12 year old is still a baby!

Many South Africans are leaving for Australia. Everyone I speak to is concerned about the future of this country.
MrGee was brought up in Zimbabwe. Due to civil unrest, his family had to flee their tobacco and game farm! In 1985 they arrived in S.Africa, with a suitcase each!
Now it feels like things are falling apart here. We are experiencing power cuts daily, because not enough coal is being mined to supply the furnaces! Just bad management!
Our top security firm, the Scorpions, is being disbanded, so that allegations of corruption against our future president, Jacob Zuma, may be dissolved.
Up to recently I have tried to remain positive and hold onto hope, but we also have to be realistic and make plans regarding the safety of our children.

It's very sad..............

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Come join in.........

Never heard of this?

Well..... go on over to the Mommy Community blog and join in the fun!

My parents have bought a lovely home in an over 50's /retirement village. My Mom has been going through her cupboards and sorting into boxes what she would like to give to me and to my brother. She delivered a couple of boxes the other day. Memories came alive as I unwrapped the priceless items and paged through the yellow stained photo albums .
I found these hidden inside an antique Tea-pot.........

I had totally forgotten about these name place "thingeemajigeees" that I had made for the Christmas table. Christmas of 1981 !!! I was 12, and I remember the hours I spent perfecting the petals, and carefully choosing the colour combinations. I didnt want one to look prettier than the other. They ALL needed to look perfect!

What a wonderful surprise..... thanks Mom for looking after them!


Friday, February 15, 2008

What's a happening.........

As you may or may not know, we have stopped homeschooling for now, and have put the kids into wonderful Christian schools. They are all very happy!

Wizzkid just missed being the Victor Ladorum(for swimming)by one point. But he was thrilled to come first in the 200m Freestyle.He got a trophy.......his first ever!

CoolDude is thoroughly enjoying the social side of school, although he has had a few bullying incidences. On the way out to break a boy deliberately tripped him, so CoolDude turned round and punched the boy in the stomach. (I was like "Good on ya son!") They both got called into the headmaster's office and given a stern talking to!

I am missing teaching and learning with them! I just miss my kids so much!
The mornings are mine, but I run ragged in the afternoons till 18:30...... my oh my!!

Love Fee

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh so sharp......... it's frightening!

Miss Tanzipanzi loves her new school....... "Little Heroes". She loves to remind me every day that she is SOOOOOOO brave and such a hero! She was extremely happy when another little girl joined her group. The 3 year olds name was 'Blessing'.

The next morning , on the way to school, I reminded her ..... "Don't forget to be a blessing my sweetie!" With which she replied, "I not a Blessing , I'm a Tanna!"

Okay miss clever brooks...... I have no retort!

Hugs Fee

Wordless Wednesday....... A present from my Mom.

Definately my favourite flower at the moment!
Thanks Mom..............
Love Fee