Friday, February 25, 2011

We Love Umdloti!

I jumped out of bed ready for a little adventure. For the past 2 months the mantra 'Life is so short' has been ringing in my head and since I have recently conquered my fear of flying/heights and a few other things, I was excited to stop the monotony of the school week and do something different. So I made a few calls and was able to find an apartment right on the beach... Umdloti Beach.

Umdloti Beach has always been a favourite of ours as it is never overcrowded, and a portion of the beach is protected by a reef creating a calmer swimming area which is great for younger kids and ......... body-boarding moms!
Yes...... I did it!
At the age of 41, I body boarded for the first time and it was amazing! Haha pics so moving on.... Miss Tanzi ALSO body boarded for the first time this holiday.
CoolDude taught Miss Tanzi how to Body board. In the pic above you can see him watching his protege take the wave. She is fearless.
And of course biggest brother WizzKid is on hand to help her when she gets dumped by the wave.
Miss Tanzi is so proud of her efforts ...... but in the backgroung comes Cooldude to refine her skills once more! hehe

FaceBook Friday

~ Anyone know of a grade 10/11 science the Hillcrest area?
~ cooking up a storm...... roast with vegie bake, roast potatoes and yorkshire pudding!
~ trying to find relatives in Christchurch for my Mom-in-Law.
~ off to the beach for a break!
~ Beautiful day at the beach .
~ I never knew body boarding could be so much fun!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentines Day Tea

Valentines Day is not a biggy for our family. We prefer the L-O-V-E all year round !
But this year I decided a homeschooling event based on the whole pink/red theme would be great. So we hosted a Valentines Tea with close friends.
Miss Tanzi made a heart cake for her precious daddy and I made a special roast for our family dinner.

Miss Tanzi vamped up the mood with her funny antics!
xx Sending love xx

Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Week- FaceBook Friday

~ Miss Tanzi and Cooldude about to perform.... I'm nervous.
~ Cooldude's first peformance. He aced it! Well Done Codes.
~ early start... off to Midmar Mile.
~ come on over homeschoolers..... it's cake all round. Happy Valentines all!
~ Happy Valentines YEAR!...... why just one day?
~ Valentines Dinner at home....... Miss Tanzi being beautifully dramatic!!
~ Yikes!...Anyone know of a grade 10/11 science teacher in the Hillcrest area?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Midmar Mile- The world's largest open water swimming event

As a family, we love doing things together. Having a teenager in the mix makes it even more interesting! WizzKid now loves admiring the opposite sex and so the annual Midmar Mile Swim event up in the Natal Midlands is a DEFINITE favourite of his!

Driving infront of us was a bakkie(truck) with two young guys in the back .... then 6 girls hitched a lift and hopped on. WizzKid commented," Mmm, that's every teenage guy's dream!"

Most of the girls don't like to walk around just in their costumes, so they 'fashion' dresses out of rubbish bags. It's quite a long walk to the start....we had Miss Tanzi and a sick CoolDude, so we took the car.

We arrived at 7:30 am ...... registered by 8:30 ...... and then we waited till Wizz Kid's race at 12:15 pm.

WizzKid and Sarah(a swimming friend whom we lifted) listened to music on their Ipods ..... ALOT!

MrGee and Miss Tanzi swam in the dam.

And then WizzKid swam. He did a good time of just under 25 minutes for a mile in a dam!

Very proud of you my eldest!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook Friday

~ traumatic hour at the dentist..... Tanna had two teeth pulled(both had abscesses) and a filling. Codey had a huge filling and Fischer sealing done to his molars. Miss Tanzi cried for an hour afterwards. boy i'm exhausted
~ did my first cardio in months..... relaxing with fam.... waiting for Jamie to return home from Mudman.
~ my son is 5cm taller than me!! When did that happen?
~ Teenagers are a blessing!
~ I am inadequate without You.
~ my 6 year old daughter remarked after smelling the bowl of lillies... " Your flowers smell like effluent!"
~ Watching My FairLady with the kids.
~ This weekend looks frightening!!
~ I am sooooo missing Dubai..... and Bath..... and London.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Day in London.

We travelled by train from Heathrow Airport to Gloucester Tube Station. Lugging our baggage's through the tubes whilst trying to keep an eye on all family members was quite stressful! A short walk brought us to the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum Hotel. After 2 refreshing hours in our rooms, we were ready to hit London!

Very quickly, we became familiar with the tubes.
Our first stop in London was Westfield Mall. Why a Mall? Well WizzKid and CoolDude had saved up enough money to buy iPhone 4's and MrGee and I wanted to get the buying of them over with so that the nagging would end!
After the Apple Store experience the boys were content and happy to head home.
But before hitting the sacks we needed to eat, so we went to an authentic Italian Restaurant just across from our hotel. It was a dive.... but we were SO hungry we didn't care.

Isn't the decor stylish? While we were waiting for our food the female cook had a HUGE fight with our waitress ( who was the owner). We laughed at the rantings of the ladies and at the English/Italian swearing that proceeded, we were so tired and hungry we stayed put.
We just needed food!

Friday, February 4, 2011

FaceBook Friday

~ oh well.... that technology fast lasted a whole 2 hours.......mmmm
~ burritos and 7de Laan !
~ Looks like my baby girl is going to be a butterfly swimmer! She has the kick! oh-heck another decade at swimming galas! Will do it tho!
~ school cancelled ..... movies!
~ starting the day with The Parachute Band. New cd is amazing!