Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reaching out ...... ?

We own the old manor house within a small complex. The land surrounding the manor house was sub-divided into 13 plots and thirteen smaller homes were built. It is an ideal situation for our family as we feel less vulnerable then we would if we were living on a free holding. With MrGee being away every week, and with the crime in our country ,we feel it's the safer option.

The unfortunate part is ..... the thirteen houses that surround us are mainly owned by older, retired couples who feel that the complex should be run like a retirement village. PICKLES! ....... they can be PEDANTIC!
Do you remember when we felt obliged(or rather manipulated) into getting rid of Tiggy-Pooh? Well we couldn't go through with it. So, much to the horror of some of our neighbours, Tiggy is still with us.

One of the neighbours is particularly painful. They live in No 6. A couple of days ago Miss Tanzi came to me with a collection of things and asked me to pen some words to her papers.

The top picture says .... "No. 6 Dear People This letter is for you. from Tanna Gibbons"
The last piece of paper had two holes cut for eyes, and I had to write on it ....... " This is a mask for your eyes." Included in the collection was a 5c coin. Her instruction was to put these in No.6's post box.
Could this be her way of reaching out and trying to soften the ol' boogers? And the mask ? Perhaps a disguise to cover their shameful behaviour?(lol)

She cracks me up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's going on .......

This post is going to be a hotchpotch of our news.

  • MrGee has managed to cut down his time away from the family during the week. He stays away for only one night a week now.
  • Miss Tanzi wants us to move to the USA because the Jonas brothers live there!
  • CoolDude has just had two blood vessels cauterized in his nose ..... good-bye to bloody noses at last.
  • WizzKid is excelling in his IGCSE Computer Studies.
  • I am back into my exercise program ...... Hallelujah!!!
  • The boys use the word "RANDOM" way too often in a sentence!
  • I overheard Miss Tanzi ask a friend "Do you know what gon@ds are?"
  • The boys and I are learning about India, it's intriguing people, Hinduism, and their strange and shocking practices.
  • We are reading "William Carey- Obliged to Go." - brilliant!!!
  • Our family has been visiting another church for the past three weeks. It's a new Covenant Church called Glenridge and we are LOVING it!
  • I have itchy fingers and desperate to do another room makeover ..... I'm sure MrGee will give me the go ahead soon.
  • Miss Tanzi wants to be a Dolphin trainer and a water ballet dancer!
  • Nelly, our domestic helper, has been off for 9 weeks now. I saw her yesterday, and I can see she is on the mend!
  • CoolDude has decided NOT to get a bearded dragon for his 11th Birthday. (Wahooooo .... I don't do reptiles) He wants a certain graphics card for his computer.
So that's a small taste of what's happening in our happy corner.


Friday, August 21, 2009

The smiles say it all.

The boys swimming club had there annual awards evening. Look what they achieved ....

WizzKid and Cooldude are extremely committed to their swimming. At the moment WizzKid swims a minimum of 12 hours per week and CoolDude swims about 6 hours each week.When they get rewarded like this , it makes it all worth while!!!!
Well done my handsome boys!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Be careful little eyes what you see!

My kids ADORE movies ... Hubby LOVES movies ... I ENJOY movies. Having a 14 year old in the house has initiated many talks about the content of movies, and the age restrictions attached to these films.
My boys wanted to take friends to see G.I.Joe. So I told them that I would do a search on the internet to find out some info about this movie. I found a wonderful site, Christian Answers.Net , which reviews most of the major movies from a Christian perspective. I was so impressed with their in depth study of current movies. I have told my boys that from now on we will consult Christian Answers.Net before any of us lend our eyes to the big screen!!!!!

BTW ..... G.I.Joe got the nod. Had I read the write up for Transformers, I would never have allowed them to watch the movie!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Visit to the Sharks Board.

Gibbons Funschool and the McMillan family were invited on a homeschooling outing. The group of A.C.E homeschoolers seemed happy to have us Sonlighters join them.

The last time I went to the Sharks Board was when WizzKid was two (12 years ago!) and I can't say the visit was a memorable one ..... the only thing I remember well was the awful fishy smell that lingered on my clothes !!

Wow.... we were gobsmacked. The venue has been overhauled and what they presented to the audience was of a high standard.
It turned out to be an informative and interesting morning. mmm ..... I still left with that distinctive fishy smell wedged within my nasal passages! *hurl -hurl *


Thursday, August 6, 2009

!!! 15 Years today !!!

MrGee and I have survived just over 2 seven year itches. Yip, we are celebrating our 15th year anniversary.

Boy we look thin(Fifi), hairy(Mrgee) and soooo YOUNG!

We are going out to an authentic African restaurant on the beachfront for dinner. Guess what I got MrGee ........ a back,shoulder and neck massage(incl. a hot stone treatment). After 15 years, I think he's earned an hour of pampering, I mean I'm not an easy woman to live with (wink,wink!)

I love you Babes!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Change .........

Cooldude asked if he could have his own room ........ AGAIN!
A year ago he decided to move into his own room, but after a week he rejoined WizzKid in his old bedroom. WizzKid was glad too, as they are very close.
So, let's see how long this rush of independence lasts?

I canceled school today, as alot of furniture had to be moved and rooms organised.

We decided to move all the kid's computers into the "Gaming Room" as MrGee and I are not happy with the kids having computers/tvs in their rooms.
Here they are setting 'their babies' up ...........

The boys made me take a pic of their hard drive cases before ...

and after the lights were switched off .....

Apparently this is VERY COOL !!!!!!
Hopefully we will be finished tomorrow.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

From zero to fourteen ... way too quickly!

WizzKid turned 14 on the 25th July.

He had some friends over for the evening. The boys were a little outnumbered by the girls. But WizzKid reassured me that this was not a problem!!! He seemed quite happy with the boy/girl ratio. (hehe)
They played table tennis and snooker to the sound of loud, vibey music, and then they watched the movie 'Bed Time Stories.'
Dinner was Chicken Schnitzel Hawaiian burgers and pud was supposed to be a chocolate fountain, ..... but ...... "she not work!", so we made another plan.