Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The tree is up !

Today we did the tree..................... boy did we have fun! We put on Christmas Carols really loud, and we just had a great time together! Tanna kept standing on the Christmas tree lights and unwrapping the Christmas decorations!!!!!! I tried to keep my cool! breath.....2...3..4..... breath...2...3...4............

In the end, the result was good,............... and we were ALL happy with the beautiful tree!!!!

Lots of love and blessings


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We are finished !!!!

We finished school today ....... Yahoo !

The boys are SO excited that they have finished 2 weeks ahead of their friends from government/private schools! We just have to tie up a few loose ends, like finish the current Read-A-Loud.

But ALL the work is done and it feels so good!

Just after lunch I took the kids out shopping for Christmas decorations. They had a ball choosing their favourites.

I am looking forward to a LONG holiday!


Monday, November 20, 2006

Garden change

Firstly.......A BIG thank you for my Birthday wishes from all over the world! Thanks Aunty Bev (from Australia), I got your email! Boyd sends his love!

Secondly..... those prayers for the tummy bug helped......I had a vomit less Birthday, so thank you....but the next day I got it bad! I'm better now.

Thirdly..... I thought it was time for another Garden Reveal! Yes.......with summer now upon us, I am having fun in the garden! The flowers are a blooming and the birds a tweeting.... I love this time of year!

So here we go!

This is what the lead up to the front door looked like in March 2006........

This is what it looks like now.................

The roses to the right are full of buds. The wooden trellises break the heavy concrete look!

Below...... was what you saw as you drove through the front gates......

This is a much better reception.....AGREED?

What would this posting be without a pic of my little girl smelling the flowers!

Hope you enjoyed the summer I know most of my readers are in Winter! This is just a teaser for you guys!!!!! TeeHee!



Monday, November 13, 2006

Meandering through Natal.

We returned today from a short trip to Natal. Hubby was going down for business, so we tagged along. The boys enjoyed their first night at Granny and Grandpa's flat. We had take aways and a good chat together!

Grandpa's Precious Girlie!"(That used to be my nick name........I'll get over it!!!!!!)

Boyd teaching our son how to smile for a family pic with the grandparents!!!!!!

The next morning we left for the Drakensburg. I had booked 2 nights at a place called The Ledges! The resort I had tried to book at was full, so they told me to phone this resort. Well.....on arrival we were not impressed and on entry into the chalet we were disgusted!!!! It was furnished 'from an age gone by' and was dirty!The curtain rails were almost falling off the walls and the place STUNK! We stayed the first night, and left the next morning....NEVER TO RETURN!

What a disapointment!

I was ready to drive straight home......when Boyd thought it would be a good idea to go and have tea at a resort he had stayed at a couple of months ago. WELL..... I am so glad we did, as the place was beautiful! The chalets were spacious and had the most incredible views! We booked in for 1 night!

These are pics I took from the Chalet...........................

We spent a day relaxing, eating way too much but most importantly, enjoying each other!

Tanna cut her finger badly on the thatched grass from the roof, and we battled to stop it bleeding.

The Prima Donna was not willing to work with the photographer!!!!!!!!!!

Although it was short , we had a stunning break from normality! The smiles on our faces say it all...............

Thanks for visiting



Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chains & Snow Flakes .

For the next two weeks I have lined up some fun creative activities! Yesterday we made Christmas chains (out of wrapping paper) which now decorate our Family Lounge. The boys had a competition to see who could make the longest......great motivator!

Today we made snowflakes for the windows. Our Christmas's are ALWAYS hot and void of any snow, I thought it would be kinda nice to 'cool the temperature down' with a few snowflakes on the windows! I was surprised that the boys loved this activity so much! We laminated them so that they looked even better against the window!

We took a couple of the 'dud' snowflakes and used them as templates.......

As seen Below.......Voila!!!!!

Frosty windows!

The look says it all......Do we have to have ANOTHER photo!

Check this site out......Make a virtual Snowflake. We all had fun (myself included) making a one of a kind snowflake! There's even a Gallery where you can 'exhibit' your latest design!


Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Case of the Unclean Hair .

Hmmmmm...what shall I gab on about?............. Let me tell you about my day!

The kids started school with a story from Whit's End Radio. I thought it would be a great opportunity to wash my hair, while they listened! This was not to be....Tanna needed to be disciplined!

I explained their Maths to them..........and trotted off to the shower to wash my hair. Hubby rang and said...."Organize accommodation, and the kids are coming with me on my business trip!" For the moment my hair had to take a backseat, as I am desperate for a break from our very busy city!!!!!!!!!!!

With that all organized, I gather the kids and read to them for 40 minutes.With History finished for the year, we move onto Language. I give them their work and head for the shower! As I disrobe, I realize it is almost Gym why shower and wash hair before?!!! I check on the kids and zoom off to the gym.

I return home at 1:15pm........pick up Codey and rush him off to swimming.Go to the shops for a few odds and ends, and then collect him from swimming and go home.

Oh my...I have an hour before I need to take Jamie to Afrikaans looks like I WILL get my hair washed after all! NOT TO BE....Jamie had promised a friend that he would drop off a PC Game at his house! This we do! We return home, I run a bath and at least get clean, but no time for a hair wash!

At 4:00pm I rush out to the shops to buy myself a few items of clothes I desperately need!

Once at home(5:30pm) I begin to make dinner with VERY dirty hair!

You know the rest of the routine...............

8:30pm......I am know at the computer,.....blogging away and I am TOO tired to care a tinkers continental about my unclean hair!!!

I will address this in zee morning!



Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Nasty little critters !

A nasty tummy bug is doing it's rounds in my family! The last to fall victim to this menace was Tanna-Jayde! She had complained once in this morning that she ' need to go doctor, tummy sore!"

The only one who hasn't had it is ME....but I'm not susceptible to tummy problems! It's my Birthday tomorrow......(i just threw this in!! Teehee!) and I would hate to be sitting on the bog all day!!!!!!

On the way to tennis Tanna let rip, and the mornings food landed in her lap and pooled in the car seat!!! URGHHHH! I can endure many things..... but chunky vomit is not on that list!

My birthday wish is:...... that the day be vomit free, sunny and filled with happy times with my family! and of course a few presents would be great!!!



Happy 38th MrGee!

Boyd, my hubby, turns 38 tomorrow! I remember (when I was 18) thinking it must be HORRID to be over 30, and that it was all down hill from there!!

Like a good wine (Yes, I can relate to a good red wine!) we can become vinegar or we can mature beautifully! Keeping with the wine story....I can say that my Hubby comes from a very good vineyard, and over the past 12 years I have seen him grow into a loving husband, an outstanding father and a successful business man. As our marriage has unfolded I have seen him mature beautifully in SO many areas!


Love you always


Friday, November 3, 2006

Miss Tanzi cracks me up!

I love the age between 2 and 3. Tanna-Jayde is just over 2 years and she says the most amusing things! Having the two older boys just ADDS to the fun! Every day she says something that cracks us up!

The other day, I heard the scream of a frustrated little I rushed to her aid! As I entered the room I heard her say " Wanna piece of me?" and she ran over to Codey and clobbered him on the back. She certainly DID NOT need me to help her fight this battle! I separated the two and began to ask questions. Bottom line Codey felt she should not have a Koki pen.....she felt otherwise! I had to discipline her with those words "Wanna piece of me" ringing in my ears.....It was hard to keep a straight face!!!!

When I ask her to carry something she says....."I only two hands!"(I only have two hands)...I wonder who says that? Perhaps ME?

Tanna LOVES Barney! and is forever singing "I love you...blaadee blaadee poo etc......" The boys found a song on the internet by Wierd Al Yankowitz.It goes like this...."Oh boy Barney's on's my secret desire, oh watch the flames get more purple dinosaur....etc." Tanna now sings (in her loudest voice) a compilation of these two songs!

And Lastly, if I ask her what her name is , she says ,

"I Tanna........Princess of Wonderland!'

(I adore you Princess of Wonderland xxx)