Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Creative Writing.

WizzKid's assignment was to Write an essay called "Me,myself and I" and to draw the corresponding mind map. His hand in date was today. I am SO happy with what he produced!

Me,myself and I.

I am an 11 year old boy who lives with my family in a wonderful house in Johannesburg. Durban is the place where I was born. I love my family dearly, and have a wonderful life!

One of my interests is technology.It fascinates me, as you can do so much with it. It's also a lot of fun! Swimming is also a great interest of mine. It's fun and keeps me fit. I have big plans for my swimming. I intend to win a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics for my Freestyle.
Reading is also one of my interests. I have read many books and have found that Fiction books are my favourite.the rest of my days are filled with friends, gym and tennis.

I am the sort of person who doesn't talk openly about my emotions. Once I start something I'll always finish it. I am an honest and loyal friend to those who are friends to me. To me, having a few friends is better than having a whole crowd of friends. To me it's quality, not quantity that counts. In the future I see myself as a successful I.T. Business man and champion swimmer. I have a little business and I am already making some big bucks!

What I want to say is that I enjoy my life! My family is great. I love Jesus and can usually work out my problems with help from God.

(Unforfunately not all of it would fit in zee scanner!)

Love Fee

Wordless Wednesday!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday night out!..... in our back yard!!!!!!

A week ago we bought TanziPanzi her own play house! She loved it, but was not happy if her two older brothers came barging into it! The lesson about "Sharing is caring" had to be recited, and still, she was not that thrilled! Seven days later....... she invites them in, and freaks out if they don't play house with her! We have all had a stint in her beautiful abode!!!! Tonight we had dinner outside, and the kids decided to eat in TanziPanzi's Palace. She is the princess .....of course!

Love Fee

Friday, February 23, 2007

Creative Class.

On Fridays we don't do History and Science, instead,we do something called "CREATIVE CLASS". After a hard week of work, the boys always look forward to the 2 hours of this class.

Today I presented them with an A2 size paper. The instructions were................. They had to work as a team, they had to fill the whole paper, no scissors were allowed...only glue, and they had to depict a scenery.

I explained what a scenery was, put Beethoven on and VOILA...............................

To be honest, neither of my boys are gifted in the art department, but I was pleasantly surprised at their team effort! It's a castle!

Love Fee

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Little Girl is learning fast.....not all the good stuff!!!

TanziPanzi has been going to a playgroup up the road. Not only is it convenient, but the mother and daughter who run it are loving and gentle, and create a wonderful christian environment for the 15 odd kids. It is now her 4th week and still we have tears! Generally she wakes up happy and I will say to her "You're going to see Tamsin today" Enthusiastically she will say " Yip, I play house with Tamsin". As the morning progresses, I notice that she starts to procrastinate! Now you might be thinking........'Is a 2 year old capable of procrastination?' Well I think so, and how I know so, is that if Daddy says "Get your shoes TanziPanzi, let's go get ice cream!"..... She scatters to retrieve a shoe in the lounge and the other in the garden!
When I say, "Get your shoes for school." She will disappear into her room and start a puzzle, play blocks or decide to change her clothes!!!

I have also learnt that a little girl knows the art of manipulation from a very tender age!
Today, I arrived early to pick her up. I remained inside to observe her interaction with the other kids in the garden. She played beautifully with her peers! As she saw me enter the garden, she came running to me saying,"I cry all the day, you leave me all the day!" The teacher reassured me that not one tear had been shed that morning!

Notice the different shoes? She's not fussed, as long as they make a loudest 'clanky-clank' as she walks!
Love Fee

Sunday, February 18, 2007

If it don't work......CHANGE IT!

I mentioned a little while back that I was battling to get into the swing of schooling this year. The days did not seem to flow and we were all getting frustrated. Last week, Thursday, I asked the kids what they thought would make our school days better! WizzKid's first words were "Mom, do you remember........... last year you gave us a work schedule for the week on every Monday!?! I think we need to do that again." Aah-ha! Something so simple!

Last year I had diligently planned each week in advance allocating specific subject tasks for each day. This year I had thought I would take a more relaxed approach, and let the kids set the pace! Obviously this was not working with my boys (and me!) We all seem to like the structure of a planned day!
Click on image below and you'll read it easily!

We live and learn. Here is this weeks schedule. History and Geography are not included. I have seperate schedules for these subjects.
I say go with what ever works best for you and your kids!
Love Fee

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A definate tear jerker!

Today, we finished the read-a-loud "Walk the World's Rim" by Betty Baker. I must admit it took us a while to get into it, but once we were in , we were hooked! It is a beautiful true story of Esteban, a Negro slave, who led the Spanish explorers across the New World(America) and his friendship with a Native American boy, Chakoh.
A huge lump in my throat grew as I read the last chapter, and I could not hold back my tears. Yes, I battled to read the last two pages between sobs and the comforting of my two sons! CoolDude was trying to ease my heartache and said...."Mom don't worry it's only a story!!!!" WizzKid said....."Yes Cool's, but it happens to be a true one!"
Love Fee

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I feel loved!

I do hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day!

This year Hubby and I decided to exchange a rather unconventional gift. I have been battling with my weight, since the birth of my dear little girl and Hubby is desperate to lose the 'tyre' around his waist. So we decided to join Sureslim's Wellness Clinic. After my second child I enrolled in the program, and lost 10 kgs in 7 weeks! The results are quick.I managed to keep the weight off for 4 years, before falling pregnant with TanziPanzi.

I have an enormous amount of weight to lose, but they estimate it will take me a quick 7 months. I will keep you posted.

Last night, Hubby brought home these beautiful flowers for me.

Love Fee

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ang....... my forever friend!

My best friend or rather (as I told her last night) my FOREVER FRIEND, is moving to Dubai in a few days. Her hubby has been there since June of last year, and she can't wait to join him. I am going to miss Ang SO much. She promises to visit often, as her hubby is a captain for the 'best airline in the world'.!!!!!!!!
Last night we went out for dinner to a very posh restaurant(the bottle of wine cost R220...+-$32).We laughed and reminisced about our times together. It was great!

In the last picture, we are fighting over the last oyster........ not that I eat them though!!
All the best Ang
Love Fee

Monday, February 12, 2007

Barbie Bond!

I finally succumbed and bought TanziPanzi her first Barbie. As she took hold of the doll, her eyes got bigger and she said....."My Barbie, ........she got hair like you Mamma!" I decided to go with the brown haired version, as both of us are far from blond! She kissed it and kissed it. I could see a bond forming.(teehee)
But last night that bond nearly broke! She bathed with Barbie and gave her a hair wash! As she was washing Barbies hair, she discovered a hole in Barbie's head. She took the doll and placed it in the bin, and told me "Barbie is broken, she has hole!" So started the lesson from Mamma to little girl about how we don't just throw someone away when they are not perfect!!!!!! She's 2 for goodness sake!

Love Fee

Sunday, February 11, 2007

You can have fun anywhere........................

On Friday Morning, Hubby felt we needed a break from our busy city so...........we decided to visit his family in Bloemfontein. Because it was a last minute decision, we chose to stay in a Bed & Breakfast . It was a quaint little place with a beautiful garden.

For my international readers, Bloemfontein is a small, neat and very conservative town. But what it does have is an extremely 'on fire' church, led by Hubby's sister and brother-in-law!
Christian Revival Church is impacting this little South African Dorpie(town) radically!
On our returns from Bloem, we always feel refreshed, filled and enthused!It is so good to be with family!
Today, Sunday, we spend the morning with Hubby's Mom, Joan, at a place called Maselspoort. The boy's water-tubed..............

And TanziPanzi kept screaming 'Oh my greatness!' whenever one of them landed in the capture pool! After all the exercise,we enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch together. Here is a pic of Hubby and his Mom and our 3 precious kids at the river where we lunched.

So yes, you can have fun long as your family are with you!

I feel blessed to have married into a family that loves me and their grandchildren so much.

Love Fee

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Music helps Maths.

I have always LOVED music.
My Mom's family were blessed with musical talents, and a lot of her family members played the piano beautifully. My Dad has never played an instrument, but has a great love and appreciation for music! I have fond memories of a house fulled with music. It was either my Mom(or I) playing the piano, or my Dad testing his latest speakers or gold tipped Hi-Fi cords!!!!!

At a young age, I would move to the sound of Abba's 'Dancing queen' ..... Supertramps 'Breakfast in America'.....or John Denver's 'I'm leaving on a jet plane'. As we got older(talking about my Dad and I),we still LOVED music, BUT......... the only problem was that he adored Dire Straits,(and even sang like him!!!!) and hated what I loved! Quite normal......... I think!

What am I getting at?........ well I think it is SO important to expose ones kids to different music genres. Even now when I visit my parents, my Dad will share with me his latest musical find. I may love it, or I may not!
As a parent, I do allow my kids to listen to secular music. If the lyrics are gross, we turn it off !But to this day I still LOVE a funky new song with a great beat!

WITH ALL THAT IN MIND............ I decided...... that this year, was going to be a musical one!
We are all learning recorder, myself included! What fun and laughter this has brought into our classroom. At times we battle to regain composure when one of us messes up!!!! Initially CoolDude looked like he was trying to eat the musical instrument. I had to keep reminding him "Stop chomping done on it!" WizzKid blew SO hard that I thought the instrument was going to fly from his mouth and hit one us in the head!!!!!!

I did not love the classics when I was young. I would recite many classical pieces on the piano, but never chose to listen to them, because they were B-O-R-I-N-G! But, I have found some classical Cd's that my kids Love! They incorporate a fun story with the music of the featured composer .......pictured below........ click on the pics, and purchase!I do not sell these or get any profit from them, I JUST LOVE THEM!

MrCoolDude(8) has asked to listen to these Cd's on numerous occasions!

Another thing I do, is play soft, light, classical music in he background when my boys do their maths and project work.

I think this sums up beautifully what Music can do for your child................
"Various studies have shown that children who participate in musical activities, whether playing an instrument or listening to a variety of music, do better in math. Therefore, for a growing child it is important to have music as a part of their life and routine. They develop into people who are better at maths as their brains have been exercised and sharpened to discern patterns and repetition among the musical notes." ...............from a site called 'The Link Between Music and Maths'

That's all from me
Love Fee

Monday, February 5, 2007

We can relax!

MrCoolDude is fine! Turns out he has a severe bladder infection and needs a dose of antibiotics.They did say that urinary infections are rare in boys,and that if he gets another one, we should see a specialist. Thanks for the prayers!

School did not happen today. I seem to be battling to get into the swing of things.It was like this at the beginning of last year, so I know things will improve!
Have a GREAT Monday..............


Sunday, February 4, 2007

We have had quite a weekend! Mr Cooldude started to urinate blood on Saturday Morning. I administered a citra soda, and we all kept close watch on our precious boy! Even TanziPanzi kept asking "CoolDude blood gone? "On Sunday morning,the symptoms were still there, so Hubby decided to take him to Emergency,at the hospital.They did tests, and found blood and protein in his urine. I have to take him for scans on Monday. I would really apreciate your prayers for my 8 year old son Mr CoolDude.

Love Fee

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Good Timing!

I am glad I made the move over to blogspot. I loved my time at HomeSchoolBlogger, but things were not going so smoothly over there , so i felt it was time to move on!Blogger is SO easy!
Love Fee
(sort of a test!)
Boy is our Summer starting to heat up! Here are my three kiddeos basking in the hot African sun!
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Thursday, February 1, 2007

I am a very naughty blogger friend at the moment! Please forgive me blogging girls! I have had one sick little girl on my hands(she's better now!), a hubby that's been away for a short spell, a computor that has rolled over and is playing dead (so I have hi-jacked my son's!), and in the midst of it I have had my very precious sil over for a visit! So, something had to give! I will do a post of sister in law's visit soon, so that the family in Australia can catch up with her!Otherwise, we are doing well and into our second week of the curriculum. I thought I would mention a few of our learning hi-lights!................
Devotions - We are learning PSALM 8 through the medium of song. Because of the catchy tune, I find myself singing the song throughout the day!
Maths - The boys have been using Singapore maths for the past 2 years, and this year we decided to introduce Horizon Maths. So they are working through the 2 different systems. This is great, as the one covers what the other might not! I want NO HOLES!The boys much prefer Horizons now, and I understand why!
History - We are reading some beautiful books. We are studying the different Native American tribes. This includes learning about their history, culture and religion. We get to pray for specific spiritual needs of the existing tribe members!
Science - We are exploring Magnetism, and having a lot of fun with the experiments! I can't find iron filings anywhere!!!!!!! urghhhhhhh
Language - The boys are on different levels. Americans seem to be big on their grammar, so we are trying to catch up! I am learning as we go!!!!!!
Music - This year we are learning the recorder. The boys love it! Today we had a funny moment....... As we were playing the note 'B' to a rhythm, Codey started dancing like a little Leprechaun kicking his legs out to the side! Well, I lost control and laughed and laughed! The boys realized it was a joyful laugh, not a "Ha Ha, you look funny" laugh!!!!
Handwriting - By the look of my boys handwriting they will either end up doctors or nutty professors! Boy do they struggle with this .......... we shall endure! slog, slog
So, that's about it.I confess, I never thought I would ever be singing ......"Horray for the flag of the free, may it wave as our standard forever..........". But, it's great, and we are all having FUN. As my eldest son said, we should call our school.... "Gibbons FunsCOOL, because school is cool!"Wow.... i love that boy!!!!