Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Guitar Duet

Dad this is posted especially for you ..... after two weeks of lessons, I think they are coming along nicely.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Waka Waka ....... bring it on!

5 weeks of holiday!!! let me say that again because it makes me feel SO good ..... '5 weeks of holiday!' ... wahoo!
You see .... the Soccer World cup is underway in my land and most South Africans are caught up in the festivities such an event initiates!
I say 'most' because not all have embraced this event ..... my family being one of them! *gasp*
We are not a family that watches must sport (in fact the only sports we watch are the ones our kids take part in) ; coupled with the fact that we are not patriotic ...... the run up to the world cup didn't stir much excitement in any of us!
But that all changed when I watched the Kick Off Concert! I eventually caught the 'GEES'(Afrikaans word for spirit.) ...... and so did Miss Tanzi ............

That long blowee thing is called the vuvuzela. It may look quite harmless, but it is causing quite a stir .... this local instrument emits a loud-elephant-charging-sound which apparently is disturbing the overseas players.( Our secret weapon ... we need it!)
Okay, so now that I have caught the 'GEES'......... I need to get a hold of my brother........
and get him to come on over to the over side ...... the more southern side where the flag and the people are a whole lot more vibrant!
Go BAFANA BAFANA (our soccer team)...... you may not be in the competition long(?) but you played SO well in the opening game. You made all (well all most all) of us South Africans very proud!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

8 days till kick off!

South Africa is buzzing with activity .... shopfronts are beautifully decorated, roads are repaired and looking smart and many cars are adorned with flags and different paraphernalia. As well as a great portion of our nation are sporting our soccer team's colours. We are looking bright and happy!!
Yes!!!.... the FiFa World Cup Soccer Championsips is about to commence in South Africa. OKAY ......so I don't know how ready our soccer team, Bafana Bafana, is but our country is excitedly waiting for the games to begin!

Even though I'm not patriotic nor a soccer fan I can feel the 'GEES' ( Afrikaans word for SPIRIT) and I am sure I will catch a game or two on the tube. What's also fab is that the kids and I get to have a 5 week break! wahoooo