Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our little PinkStink!

TanziPanzi doing a ballet move in her new princess dress. Personally, I think she looks a bit like one of those dolly toilet roll holders my granny used to crochet! But she feels like a million dollars in it and that's all that matters.


Today she made us laugh in school. While doing her puzzle she would let out an "uggghh"and numerous other sounds of frustration. I eventually asked her "What's your problem noo-noo?"............ "My puzzle's fighting with me Momma!"



Michelle said...

Fee! She is just too cute!!! Michelle

meNmykids said...

What a darling little pinkstink (I didn't know that other people used that term too). The dress looks just like the crocheted dolls, but adorable too. I can't imagine anything fighting with her!

Diane said...

The fluffier, brighter, frillier, the better for our girls it seems. She looks so cute in it. Did you make it?

Anonymous said...

My girls would LOVE that dress. She is absolutely lovely.

Halfmoon Girl said...

well, I know the exact holders that you mean, even though we are on separate continents! Tanzi looks very sweet, and I can understand her frustration with her puzzle!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

*snicker* she does look cute, though! And the comments they come up with sometimes.... *lol*