Friday, October 5, 2007

We experience God's protection.

This morning we got two big frights! Both involved my beautiful Tanzi........ seen below modelling her choice of clothing for the day! She cracks us up daily!

Every morning the boys rush through to the kitchen to feed our kitten Dash, so that they can get back in bed for a few more minutes of shut eye. He miaows madly until this is done.
This morning I heard this conversation.......

Tanzi :"It's in my nose!"
WizzKid :"What's in your nose?
Tanzi : "Cat food is in my nose!"

I woke up abruptly, grabbed her and proceeded to have a snoop down her nostrils.
I couldn't see anything. She gave a sneeze, another sneeze, and on the third sneeze, a kitty nugget shot right out her nose and landed on her chin! *relief*. We laughed and laughed!

Our second fright, was alot more serious. As Hubby was leaving for work, Tanzi ran outside and behind Hubby's car as he was reversing out of the garage. The car knocked her too the ground, the boys screamed, Hubby stopped, WizzKid picked her up quickly, I ran out side screaming,......... she had grazes on her body, but she was okay! As I lay her down on my bed I couldn't stop thanking Jesus for her protection. I shook for a while afterwards.

I feel blessed that Tanzi was protected and that we as a family did not have to go through terrible heartache.
Thank you Jesus for Tanzi's protection!


meNmykids said...

God is good. I have a cousin who lost their 2 year old to the car backing into her. My sisters' son opened the door and fell out, she ran onto him and had to pull off but he wasn't hurt at all. A couple small bruises. It is so good when you receive of His protection, yet He always has a reason for every thing, even when one is taken there is a reason. So glad your little Tanzi is okay.

Diane said...

Oh how scary. Thank you, Jesus, for protecting Tanzi. We had a local family here lose a child just in this way. Give Tanzi a great big hug from me.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I'm so glad to hear that she is ok. I'm sure your mommy heart was beating extra fast today.

Becca said...

Oh, that's terrifying! I'm so thankful that she's okay. You must have been shook up all day long.

I had to take Grace to the emergency room when she was about 18 months old because she had a habit of packing mud in her nose. One time she got a rock stuck way up in there and she was furious when the drs. had to get it out.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Yikes, what a scary moment. You hear about these things and they are every parent's worst nightmare. I too am thankful for God's protection over Tanzi. How is your hubby doing after the ordeal?

Katrina said...

oh my goodness, Fee...
Thank God everyone is OK.

Big Red Driver said...

I bet you were relieved when you tucked her in to bed tonight.
Did she tell you why she put the cat food up her nose?

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sorry you had to go through all that today. How scary. I am praising God with you that Princess Tanzi is okay!!!
Be blessed,

Mom of 5 said...

Glad all is well !!

la bellina mammina said...

Must be scary for you Fifi, but am glad she's alright. Must be frightening for her too.

Why did she have kitty nugget in her nose? :-)

Beckaboo said...


Marsha said...

How tremendously scary!!! That is such a huge fear for us. Whenever I'm backing out I always have to see my kids safely in the garage... not trusting them to stand on the grass next to the driveway. But it's the last second dashing that I worry about... like in your case.

Rejoicing for God's protection over Tanzi!

Fifi said...

La Bellina Mammina..... to answer your question..... Tanzi shoved the cat food up her nose! How gross is that?!

Beth said...

Oh Fee! I am so thankful Tanzi's ok!! My heart about stopped when I was reading your post, then I realized you probably wouldn't be posting if something really awful happened! Praise the Lord for his goodness and protection. Sometimes I feel like he causes things like that to happen just to get our attention and to trust in his faithfulness more.

By the way, LOVE the outfit. Quite the Diva, eh??

love, beth

tamlovesran said...

Praise the Lord for His protection!
I don't think it's uncommon for children to put food things up their noses. Zach did it once when he was little.
I also had a close friend who was backed over by her mother. I'm sure it was a very scarey experience for her, but all these years later she tells it as a funny story- describing the tire marks on her and all!

God bless,

Mrs. Guthrie said...

SO glad Tanzi is ok!! God is good!!! We recently lost a two year old (ambulance crew, not our family) this way. Thanking God that His hand is on your family and sending a hug your way. Scares with your kids are always hard.

Lori (MiryClay) said...

Yes! PTL that Tanzi wasn't badly hurt. Too funny about the kitty food. I remember one time picking my daughter and a friend's daughter up at Kindergarten and when their teacher brought them to the car she said, "I don't know why, but Melody has been crying all morning." As we drove off, I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I have the back to my earring stuck up my nose." She was afraid if she told the teacher that she would get into trouble, so she just cried and cried. Have a great week filled with laughter.


Shannon said...

I can't for the life of me figure out how I stumbled upon your blog but for about six months or more I have been enjoying your posts. I'm so glad Tanzi is Ok! PTL! :D
I appreciate the positive way you write about your family and life experiences. True joy really comes across in your storytelling! Blessings to you and yours Fifi!!

Sara Mincy said...

Oh my goodness! Thank the Lord she is alright. The boys probably saved her life by screaming.