Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gold Reef City Fun!

Hubby arrived home from work on Saturday afternoon, and decided to take us away for the night! He let me decide where we should go.

I knew exactly where we would all have a blast! Gold Reef City, an historical amusement/theme park in the heart of Johannesburg.

The boys were totally impressed.... they got there own room and watched cartoons till 11pm and ordered room service!

Johannesburg is the source of a large-scale gold and diamond trade.European settlement happened in the 1880s, when gold was discovered in the region, triggering a gold rush. So all around Johannesburg you see these huge mine dumps. They are yellow-ish in colour, because they have small traces of gold in the sand. Due to better methods of mining, these mounds are now being re-sifted.

Gold Reef City is a replica of a Johannesburg Gold mining town from the 1880's. It is so pretty! The buildings reflect Late Victorian Architecture, and look very authentic.

I found the scenery very romantic. In fact as we dined, a horse and cart drove past carrying newly weds!

The boys enjoyed the rides! WizzKid is definitely NOT a lover of heights and speed, BUT, he forced himself to go on this ride.....

You did well my son!

CoolDude is a maniac when it comes to rides! He would have gone on everything! Unfortunately they had height restrictions!But he did go on a VERY wild rollercoaster ride with Dad.......

TanziPanzi and I made candles............................

and looked at all the quaint little shops. We kept our feet firmly on the ground, and didn't attempt any of the rides!

We're such ninnys!

Hugs Fee




lindafay said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Fee. I always enjoy hearing about your S. Africa. It looks like you stayed in the hotel with my dream bathroom! The buildings are simply beautiful. I'm going to just get off of here and repeat to myself this little mantra,
"I am not jealous.I am not jealous.I am not jealous.I am not jealous.I am not jealous...

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh fun was had by all!! Hooray. Ü

Sounds neato!

Michelle said...

How fun! SOunds like you guys had a wonderful time. I love that bathroom! How neat that the boys had their own room too. My girls would LOVE that =P

Katie & the boys said...

Love your pictures! Sounds like it was a great time. Amazing memories for the kids.

tamlovesran said...

What a great place for a getaway. Glad you had a fun family weekend.

God bless,

Beth said...

I'm the same way--no crazy rides for me, no thank you! I loved them until I had my first baby, now I'm a total ninny!

Did your husband enjoy the States? Connecticut is beautiful this time of year. What would bring your family here in a few years?


Sara Mincy said...

Wow- beautiful pictures!

Also, I like your bookshelf on your sidebar- do you like the Strong Willed Child? I probably need to start reading that one.

KC said...

sounds and looks like fun was had by everyone.