Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm on my ownsome!

I am without MrGee, and it feels strange. Of course MrGee has been away before, but he has never been 13 000kms(8 000miles) away ! He flew to New York and then took a train to a town in Connecticut. There's more...... he will be gone for 10 nights! Oh my greatness! The longest he has been away from me is 2 nights! Buzzing around in my head is that song by Fergie "Big girls dont cry."
Do you think I'm gonna make it ?..... he only left yesterday afternoon!

What made it even more emotional is that MrGee organised a beautiful bouquet of red roses to be delivered this morning. He instructed the boys to play my favourite romantic song by Savage Garden called "I knew I loved you before I met you."
Then the boys called me to come and have a look!

I was overwhelmed by such an awesome surprise of love! Thank you babes...... I know you're reading this....... cause you're missing us just as much as we are missing you............... Hey?

Kisses for MrGee
Hugs for the rest of you!


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

What a sweet and thoughtful man! You know he's missing all of you too!

Sara Mincy said...

Awww- this will just make you closer when he gets back :)

Beth said...

Wow, that's a long time to be without him! I hope he has a great trip, and that you all survive without him :)


Gill said...

That was so sweet of him :-) You'll be fine Fee- us womanfolk are amazingly tough when we need to be, we couldn't be moms otherwise!!

Trina said...

That was the sweetest gesture! The flowers are spectacular! I would have been a little shook up too if Den left for that long. However, you will do great, but I honestly feel for you!

Katie & the boys said...

Hello...MrGee is doing fine. Taking a nap right now actually! The boys are having fun catching up with life. It's good to have him here!
How sweet that he organized the roses, they are beautiful...!
Wish you were here visiting too !

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Oh, the flowers were sweet!! Yes, Fee, you WILL make it. I've had to deal with my hubby being gone for two weeks. Hated it, but I survived. :) You will, too. I definitely feel your pain. :)

julie said...

hi there. just perusing your blog and wanted to say i think you look even prettier now then on your wedding day. not to say you weren't beautiful then but you are amazingly pretty now too. i know you must miss your hubby. how long is he gone for? and what an amazing bunch of roses. he must be a treasure!!! my husband travels too. i miss him a lot when he's gone.
my best friend and I just had a photo taken and I photoshop-ed out the wrinkles...sad huh???

Halfmoon Girl said...

awww, how sweet and how cool for your boys to see their dad doing something like that for their mom!

Anonymous said...

My husband just got back from NY today! (he was only there for a day though).

Time will pass by quickly until he's home again.

diane said...

That was my anon. post...I pressed the button too quickly.

Elinor Dashwood said...

Oh how romantic!!! I'm sad that you will be missing him terribly, but know that he is in God's hands. Just think of your reunion in 10 days!!! Enjoy your children and make the most of it. Do some fun things so you have lots to tell Daddy when he gets home.
Many hugs!!