Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just for fun!

Oh my.... I'm not American but I think us SOuth Africans call a College...... a Technikon. At our Technikons you don't get a degree, you get a diploma.
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mmmmmmm...... well this sounds right, I always did battle a little with languages! If I could have done Maths all day long, school would have been a much happier place!

Love Fee




Katie & the boys said...

Hey Fee...having been both places, my understanding is that Tek is really a specialized school, we call them technical schools and you receive a diploma or certificate here as well.

To us in the U.S., college is another word for university. That is equivalent to your university. There, you earn either an associate's, bachelors, or master's degree.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Well, I took the challenge- Junior High- ouch!