Tuesday, November 20, 2007

School is out!

The kids are delighted and I am over the moon!
We were going to finish the school year this Friday, but we have been doing revision for the past 2 weeks and I just felt to wrap it up today.

This school year we completed :
Sonlight Core 3&4 Condensed American History
Sonlight Science 4
Sonlight Bible 4

WizzKid completed:
Sonlight Grade 6 Language Arts
Wordly Wise 3000 (Book2)
Winston Grammar ( Basic Level)
Keys to Good Language 5
In addition to his assigned readers, he read another 24 books.
Maths- Singapore 5B,6A , Horizons 6(Book1)

CoolDude completed:
Sonlight Grade 3 Language Arts
Wordly Wize C
Modern Curriculum Press Word Study (Level D)
In addition to the assigned readers he read another 19 books
Maths- Singapore 3A, Horizons 3(Book 1&2)

We have had a great year, and now we can enjoy 2 months of fun in the sun!
Hugs Fee



Halfmoon Girl said...

Hurray! That is such a feeling of accomplishment, isn't it?!! We do some Singapore around here today- my 8 year old son whips through it, but it didn't work well for our daughter. Can you please clarify how your year works? When do you start again? Will that be a whole new school year starting or did you mean that you are done for 2007. Here we start our school year in September and go to June (sometimes we end sooner, being homeschoolers)

Fee said...

We start our school year at the end of Jan and finish at the end of November. So my kids will be going up to a new grade next year.

Trina said...

Wow!! Congratulations!!! Im so jealous!!! hehehe Seriously good for you guys!!

Katie & the boys said...

What an accomplishment!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I guess it's paaahaaartaaayyy time now! Especially good since you'll be in nice hot weather soon--during the break!

lots of love...!

diane said...

Great job guys!

Beth said...

Crazy the way you're the opposite of us in the US. I'll be your husband is COLD in the US right about now. I know I am :)

Congrats on completing a good school year!


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh -- I'm almost right behind you. We do 3 months on, 1 month off. December will be a month off!! Woo Hoo!!

The Whole Month!! I'm so excited, I can't wait.