Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where there's a will there's a way!

WizzKid is desperate for a PS3. In S.Africa it costs about R6000-00($1000+).
Hubby told WizzKid he could get one if he saved up the money! I thought WizzKid would forget about the PS3 when he heard this, but it made him even more determined to get one!

WizzKid hatched a plan......... he would auction his PS2 console and many of his PS2 games on a local website called Bid or Buy. Being the conservative sales person, I was worried he might not get any bids and be filled with disapointment. Well, within a week he had sold R2400-00($400+) at auction! The next week he sold 4 second hand computers to our Gardener's son who is setting up a small computer school. He made R1600($270+).
This guys on a mission!......

CoolDude climbed on the bandwagon and suggested selling the oddest of items! I got the feeling he might even consider auctioning me off!
He managed to sell quite a few PSP and PS2 games, and yesterday he was able to buy himself the Samsung E250 phone. He was thrilled!

And TanziPanzi didn't have to sell anything to get anything.... she whispered sweetly into Daddy's ear "I'd love a Cinderella Barbie." and her wish was granted! Easy as that.

Love Fifi


diane said...

Oh Tanzi...Daddy doesn't stand a chance. :) She is so cute.

Beth said...

Way to go, Wizz kid!! That's a great spirit you all have fostered in him. And, a great way to clean out your house right here before you move!


Katie & the boys said...

Such clever kids. Better watch what they might sell when they want new cars in the years to come! Seriously, that is really good of you to not just give them everything. You're such a good mommy!
ps. Did you get my FB msg?

la bellina mammina said...

Oh wow! entrepreneur kids!! Watch out! LOL!

Christine said...

What an entrepreneurial spirit! I hope he gets it soon!

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh Fee -- you are raising them right, girl!! Way to Go! ;)

Does whispering in ears work for YOU? LOL It does for me... but I try not to abuse that... much. ::giggle::

Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* isn't that the way it is with little girls and their daddies?? Good job on all the selling, boys!! Wow!