Thursday, December 27, 2007

Summer Fun!

Linking via phone to the internet got me down, and made me rather distant. Sorry!
But I am back! So much has happened in the past couple of weeks, that I am not to sure where to start!
When in doubt, post pics!

A Happy New Year to you all, and may 2008 be simply great!!

Love Fee



Katie & the boys said...

Hey Fee!!!!!!! You're back, yay! You have been missed!
The house looks so nice, you are a beautiful decorator!
Hope you guys had a sweet holiday!

Mom of 5 said...

Happy New Year !
Great pictures-they are great.
Your lounge looks lovely.

Christina said...

Nice slide show. I love Tanzi's pink bedroom! Wow! Pretty! And that picture of her twirling in her dress is adorable!

KC said...

welcome back Fee. Your pictures are great. Seems so weird to me to think about you all having summer right now. When we are getting snow.

meNmykids said...

Everything looks great! Must have been a busy time. Great decor.

a said...

Happy New Year! It looks like you have settled comfortably into your new home and that you had a great Christmas. I enjoyed the slide show.

tamlovesran said...

That last comment was from me. I don't know why it showed the user name as a.


Anonymous said...

HI Fiffi!! Happy New Year to you too. YOur house looks magnificant. You've got some talent.


Mrs. Guthrie said...

Welcome back! Have missed you!! Happy New Year!

flowerlady said...

what a lovely new/old house, you certainly have a knack for decorating. It all looks so warm and lovely there. We're warm...inside, watching the snow fall.