Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh so sharp......... it's frightening!

Miss Tanzipanzi loves her new school....... "Little Heroes". She loves to remind me every day that she is SOOOOOOO brave and such a hero! She was extremely happy when another little girl joined her group. The 3 year olds name was 'Blessing'.

The next morning , on the way to school, I reminded her ..... "Don't forget to be a blessing my sweetie!" With which she replied, "I not a Blessing , I'm a Tanna!"

Okay miss clever brooks...... I have no retort!

Hugs Fee


Katie & the boys said...

How clever is she. I had to ask hubby what Clever Brooks was an he let me know Brooks is Afrikaans for pants. I'm sure as usual, I will now adopt the saying and he'll give me grief for it...heee heee

Hope you're enjoying new life in the East!

Fee said...

I never thought of that Katie.... it must be the same as you saying "smartie pants!" ???

Katie & the boys said...

Yes, that's right, Smarty Pants!

Marsha said...

Blessing is a lovely name.

And what a smart girl you've got!

KC said...

what a little cutie she sounds like.
when you get a moment stop over at my blog you have been tagged and there is a new award waiting for you.. Just look under the post titled MeMe Monday #3

Halfmoon Girl said...

I like learning your new expressions. Glad to hear that Tanzi is enjoying her new school. What is it like for you to have an empty house? What are you doing during tht time?

I came over here to say that I hope you do play along to my contest.

tamlovesran said...

She's such a cutie. You never know what they'll say do you? It sounds like they're all enjoying their new schools. How do you like it?