Monday, March 3, 2008

She sings in Zulu(?) or could it be an undiscovered language?

TanziPanzi is so happy at school and cries on the weekend when she doesn't get to go.

The teacher got an occupational therapist to come in for the day as there was a little girl that needed an assessment. The O.T told the teacher that Tanzi was extremely well co-ordinated and very strong for a 3 year old. I have been speaking to MrGee about putting her into a gymnastic group for a while now. She is so confident on the biggest of jungle gyms..... I battle to watch her as she swings across the monkey bars and dangles by her legs!!!!

My baby-girl is growing up too quickly. The other day I heard her singing a rather unsual version of our national athem. Neither MrGee or I are very patriotic so we knew she hadn't heard it coming out of our mouths....... especially since I'm not too sure how it even goes...... oooops!
"Where did you learn that?", I enquired. "At school Mom, my friend Mat sings it all day..... but I sing it better!"
So here she is........... if it sounds like she is swearing in any one of our 11 official languages....... please remember she knoweth not what she sayeth!!!

Love Fee


Halfmoon Girl said...

oops, the video is not coming up on my screen- is that just me or did something load wrong.

Way to go tough girl Tanzi! It is all that keeping up with her two big brothers!

Fee said...

I'll try sort it out soon! Dropshots is playing silly boogers with me!

Sara Mincy said...

Love your new blog look, and your hair! Did you straighten it?? Looks great! That Tanzi is a cutie!!!

The Shan said...

Peeking in on you guys and getting caught up! Beautiful straight hair! It looks good both ways though ;). Love the Tanzi video as well. She reminds me of a dear friend-o-mines girl who's in Senegal learning French(she's American). And, I'll add you to my prayer list! Sorry about all of the problems you are having in your area. These are strange and increasingly uncomfortable times. Kinda makes me want to study Revelation and sharpen the Bible knowledge. Take Care Fee and fam!