Saturday, April 12, 2008

My blogs yummeeeeeee......!

A fellow South African blogger ...... Gill ....... from Gill's Jottings gave me this award! She has just been on a family holiday to the Cape, and she has some lovely pics of South Africa on her blog.
Thanks Gill!!!
Does that make me a "Yummy Mummy?" (teehee)
I have great pleasure in passing this award onto Katie and the Boys from By His Good Grace. According to her profile 'she's married to a YUMMY South African man!' She is very creative and cooks up a storm. Go pay her a visit and tell her I sent you over! She's about to embark on homeschooling her 3 handsome boys.
Hugz Fifi


Katie & the boys said...

Oh my goodness first award ever! heee heee Thank you!!!

la bellina mammina said...

Congrats Fee....and yes, YOU are a yummy mummy! ;-)

Shan said...

Oh yeah! I think it's your attitude of joy that makes you so yummy(well that AND those dinners you make ;) Your posts always exude a positive and fun outlook and it rubs off on your readers! Yippee for Fifi! :D