Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hairy Maclary and Slinky Malinky!

When WizzKid(my eldest) was 4, I came across a very sweet series of books in the local library. We laughed as we read and re-read the antics of a mischievous dog named HAIRY MACLARY. They were a hit with CoolDude, and now Twinkle can't put them down. The author is Lynley Dodd. She has also written a series on a cat called SLINKY MALINKY. They are definately my favourite choice for a bed time story!
Go get yourselves the series!



Jane Taylor said...

So glad we met (at long last!!) on Sunday. Just love your blog. I'm on Face Book and love it - not into blogging yet.
You have a delightful family - well done to you and hubby for doing such a sterling job.
Cheers for now.
Warm regards
Jane Taylor (Lynn's mom)

Diane said...

These are a favorite here!!!!!!!

Hayley said...

Ethan has got this entire set and he also has the dvd! (Which... doesn't play anymore, cause it's so scratched from a million reruns!) I swear, I know every single word....

supermom said...

Oh how I wish they were in Afrikaans. All the good books are in English :)